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Redskins announce ‘formal review’ of team name

Full Article:
https://wtop.com/washington-redskins/20 … y24hfeTCf8

Redskins announce ‘formal review’ of team name after pressure from NFL, sponsors

The Washington Redskins said Friday the team will “undergo a thorough review??  of its name, which is considered a derogatory term by Native Americans.

This comes on the heels of Thursday’s news that FedEx, the sponsor of the team’s stadium in Prince George’s County since the late 1990s, asked the team to consider changing the name.

Washington’s NFL team has found itself under intense criticism in recent weeks in the wake of the protests prompted by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the outcry over systemic racism in the United States.

Other sponsors, including Nike and Pepsi, have been criticized for their affiliation with Washington’s NFL team.



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Re: Redskins announce ‘formal review’ of team name

The new "woke cancel culture."  No more Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, the Cream of Wheat chef, Eskimo pies, etc., etc.  No more statues of Lincoln or Grant or Jesus.  Some real estate companies are doing away with the term "master bedroom" because it includes the word "master"!  We now have to call boys "girls" and girls "boys," and refer to biological men as "she" and "her" and biological women as "he" and "him" or both of them as "they" (even if "they" is a plural!)--or, whatever suits a person's imagination!  We're allowing a small minority of complete idiots take over this country.  Folks, the inmates are now running the asylum!



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Re: Redskins announce ‘formal review’ of team name

I am so glad to read your post and I could not agree more.  It will get worse before it gets much worse.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."  ― Edmund Burke.

I, for one, am mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Stay tuned.

In essentials, unity
In non-essentials, liberty
In all things, charity



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