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A Christmas Sermon to Children

This will be this year's Christmas offering.  Zeisberger begins with a Bible passage; then comes the sermon on that passage; and, finally, a short hymn.  I have added my word-for-word English translation of the Delaware text.

LUKE, Chap. II, v. 8-14.

Woak ne talli achpopanik Nutemekschetschik,
Tpoku nutemalawoapanil Memekschummowawall.

And that in they-were-there shepherds,
It-is-night they-were-watching-them their-sheep.

Woak penna, Nihillalquonk Wtenschellumall
Otchukuwoapanil, woak Nihillalquonk
Wdallowilissowoagan gischachtep wiwuniwi epichtit,
Wentschi kitschiwi wischassichtit.

And behold, our-Lord His-angel
he-came-to-them, and our-Lord
His-glory it-shone all-around where-they-are,
So-that truly they-are-afraid.

Nanne Enschel wtellapanil:  katschi wischassihek;
penno, gowoatelellenewo mchi Wulelendamoagan,
nitsch wemi auwen wulelendank.
Ntitechquo juke Gischquik mehittachpo
Pemauchsohalquek, na Christ Nihillalquonk
Dabid Wtutenink.

That angel he-said-to-them:  Don’t do-not-be-afraid;
behold, I-make-it-known-to-you great joy,
then-will every person he-(will)-be-glad.
Because now (to)day he-is-begotten
Your-Savior, that-one Christ our-Lord
David in-his-city.

Woak jun Kigenolewoaganik:  gemochgawawaksch
na Amemens Hemptittink wiwuniechink
woak Amocholakunk Schengiechink.

And this it-is-a-sign:  you-will-find-him
that child in-a-cloth which-is-wrapped-around
and in-a-manger he-lies.

Woak schawi na Enschel eli nipuwitup,
mchelik neichgussopanik Awossagame
wentschijeyikil, machelemoachgenimapanik
Getanittowit luepanik:

And immediately that angel as he-stood,
many they-were-seen Heaven
they-who-are-from, they-elated-Him-with-praise
the-Great-Spirit they-said:

Machelemuxowoaganiketsch Getanittowitink
hokunk!  woak Wulangundowoaganiketsch
Pemhakamigek!  woak ju endalauchsit

Let-there-be-plenty-of-honor to-the-Great-Spirit
on-high!  And let-there-be-plenty-of-peace (in)
the-world-round-about!  and here where-one-lives

     KILUWA woak Amemenstook kpetagenewo Wulelendamowaptonamik, matta schuk Matemekschetschik li; kiluwa untschi mehittachpo Kikemhaluwet, elewunsit Christ nan Nihillalquonk, untschi, elitsch pommauchsohet Nihillalatschil untschi Machtschilissowoaganowawall.

     YOU also dear-children you-are-brought the-glad-tidings, not only shepherds to; you for he-is-begotten the-Savior, he-who-is-called Christ that-one our-Lord, therefore, because-will he-make-live those-whom-he-owns from their-misdeeds.

     Woak matta ktitehahhimo jun Schigi Wulelendamowaptonamik, Jesus Getanittowit ahoalatschil Quisall eli wumop Awossagame, woak gischigop Pemhakamigek Scheuchsit Amementit, kiluna elinaxijenk, wentschitsch pilsohalquenk untschi Gemattauchsowoaganenanall, wentschitsch matta tawongellowenk schuk hallemiwi Pommauchsowoagan nachpauchsijenk? 

     And not do-you-(not)-think this fine good-news, Jesus the-Great-Spirit He-loves-him His-son because he-came-from Heaven, and he-was-born (in) the-world one-who-is-weak a-baby, we as-we-appear, so-that-will he-purify-us from our-sins, so-that-will not we-(will)-not-be-lost but eternal life we-(will)-enjoy?

Woak knemenewo atta schuk Wulelendamoagano Pemhakamigek, schuk woak leu talli Awossagame; geschiechsitschik, welilissitschik Enschellak wulelendamowi petatschimopanik Wulaptonachgat ju endalauchsitink.

And you-see-it not only is-there-joy (in) the-world, but also it-is-so in Heaven; saints, those-who-do-good angels gladly they-related-it-hither the-good-news here to-those-who-live-here.
     Enschel pakandatschimolchate Nutemekschetschik elek, schawi nipawitawawall mechelgik Awossagame wentschijeyikik, machelemoachgenima-panik luepannik; Machelemuxowoaganiketsch Getanittowit hokunk.

     The-angel when-he-relates-it-for-them-completely the-shepherds what-it-is, immediately they-stand-with-him a-multitude Heaven those-who-are-of, they-elated-Him-with-praise they-said; Let-there-be-plenty-of-honor (to) the-Great-Spirit on-high.

Nachgohumapanik Getanittowitink li Machelemuxowoagan, eli wtelgiqui ahowalap Pemhakamigek, wtelli mekenall nekti mehittachpit Quisall, wentschitsch auwen wulistawate, mattatsch tewongellowi schuk pommauchsite hallamagamik.

They-sang-to-them of-the-Great-Spirit to honor, how like-as-He loved-them (in) the-world, that-He gave-them the-only-one who-is-begotten His-son, so-that-will a-person if-he-believes-(in)-him, not-will he-(will)-not-be-lost but he-(will)-live forever.

     Nachgohumapanik Wulangundowoagano Pemhakamigek.  Jesus Welangundo-woaganit Sakima juke peep, petaquenk Wulangundowoagan ju hakink epijenk; wentschi mewimat pelawewit ju endalauchsit li Getanittowitink eli schiwelemapanik: 

     They-sang-to-them there-is-peace (in) the-world.  Jesus he-who-is-peace the-king now he-came, he-brings-us peace here on-Earth where-we-are; so-that he-who-reconciles-one who-transgresses here one-who-lives-here to to-the-Great-Spirit because he-pitied-them:

peep wentschi achgegimat ahoalan Patamawos woak wentschitsch ahoaltichtit; gischenaxohalgussichtit wentschitsch tamse witauchsomachtit hallamagamik woak geschiechsitschik Enschellak Awossagamewunk.

he-came so-that he-teaches-them to-love-Him God and so-that-will they-love-one-another; they-are-made-ready so-that-will sometime they-(will)-live-with-him forever and they-who-are-holy angels in-Heaven.

     Nik geschiechsitschik Eluwussitschik Wtschitschanquinak wulelendamo-panik, eli nemhittit, Schachachgauchsowoagan, Wulangundowoagan woak Wulelendamoagan nachpauchsichtit ju endalauchsit, eli juke petschi schuk Mattauchsowoagan, Machtapewoagan, Schingaltowoagan woak Gelogewoagan nachpauchsichtitup.

     Those saints the-most-high souls they-were-glad, because they-see-it, righteousness, peace and joy they-possess here who-lives-here, because now until only sin, impiety, hatred and deceit they-possessed.

     Nachgohumapanik Wulelemuxowoagano wemi ju endalauchsit.  Nhittami Lenno gischihinde, geschiechsitschik Enschellak, alappaje Allanquewak nachgohumepanik woak wulelendamopanik;

     They-sang it-is-wondrous every here (every)-one-who-lives-here.  First man when-he-is-made, they-who-are-holy the-angels, early-in-the-morning the-stars they-sang and they-rejoiced;

schuk nemhittite Gischelemuxit Lenno eli pachsucquip, pallistawapanil gischelemapanil wentschi gendelemuxop anglowoaganink, Wulelendamoaganowa gluppiechtonep Schiwelendamoaganink. 

but when-they-see he-who-is-created the-man as he-rose-up, he-disbelieved-Him He-Who-created-him so-that he-was-condemned to-death, their-joy he-turned-it to-sadness.

Schuk wulelendamopanik lappi nemhittite wtelli wulelemuxin woak lappi wulangomgussin Getanittowitink, eli laphatton Kschiechauchsowoagan, Wulamallessoagan: 

But they-rejoiced again when-they-see that-he is-considered-to-be-somebody and again is-befriended by-the-Great-Spirit, because he-restores-it holiness, well-being:

Wulelendamopanik nemhittite, Machtando, mechi Schigaluwet Patamawossall woak ju endalauchsit eli patachgussu woak eli lappi Wulangundowoagano Pemhakamigek. 

They-were-glad when-they-see-it, the-Devil, greatly he-who-hates God and here he-who-lives-here how he-is-overcome and how again there-is-peace (in) the-world.

Wulelendamopanik meschatamichtit, Welsittank elitsch pewak untschi Woapanachgink, untschi Wsiga woak untschi wemi talli Pemhakamigek, wtellitsch mawunappoak talli Awossagame hallamagamik.

They-rejoiced they-remember, the-believer how-will they-come from from-the-East, from the-West and from every where (in) the-world, that-they-will they-(will)-be-assembled in Heaven forever.

     Welilissitschik Enschellak loamoe tatamse petalogalgussopanik ju hakink Welsittankpannik epitpannik, wentschitsch mikindamauwachtit woak Patamawos Wtitehewoagan woatellachtit, schuk atta haschi likhicqui wulelendamowipanik elgiqui juke ne leep. 

     Those-who-do-good the-angels long-ago sometimes they-were-sent-hither here on-Earth those-who-were-believers where-they-were, so-that-will they-serve-them and God His-thought they-make-it-known-to-them, but not ever at-that-time they-did-not-rejoice like-as now that it-was-so.

Juke Wulelendamowaptonamik petatschimopanik Pemhakamigek woak wemi auwen; Pewallessitschik woak gettemaxitschik, Kikeyak woak Amemensak untschi petalogalgussopanik, eli wemi wdajandamenewoap won Kikemhaluwet.

Now it-is-glad-tidings they-related-hereto (to) the-world and every person; those-who-are-rich and those-who-are-poor, elders and children for they-were-sent-hither, because all they-wished-for-it this Savior.

     Gohan Amemenstook, kiluwa kpetagen jun Kikemhalgussowoagan, woak matta gatta natenummowi kepewo?  Matta eet Amemensak gatta witasomo Hosanna!  Patamoewigawanink, machelemauchtsch na pejat Nihillalquonk Wtellewunsowoaganink?

     Yes dear-children, you you-are-brought this salvation, and not want-you-to not-take-it you-likewise?  Not perhaps children (do) you-(not)-want-to shout-with Hosanna! in-the-house-of-prayer, let-us-honor-him that-one he-who-comes our-Lord in-His-name?

Matta eet gatta witsche nachgohomawak geschiechsitschik Enschellak luechtit:  Machelemuxowoaganiketsch Getanittowitink hokunk, woak Wulangundowoagan-iketsch Pemhakamigek, woak ju endalauchsit Wulelemuxowoagano?  Machelem-oachgenimawak Getanittowit eli necama elquiqui ktahowalguwa, woak kiluwa schuk gatta tschitquihhilla? 

Not perhaps you-want-to with sing-(with)-them those-who-are-holy angels they-say:  Let-there-be-plenty-of-honor to-the-Great-Spirit on-high, and let-there-be-plenty-of-peace (in) the-world, and here he-who-lives-here he-is-being-considered-to-be-somebody?  They-elate-Him-with-praise the-Great-Spirit as He like-as He-loves-you, and you only (do) you-want-to be-silent?

Nik wulelendamoak Nhakeuchsowoaganowawunk Kikewoaganowawunk, woak kiluwa matta eet gatta nihillapewin untschi Mattauchsowoaganink woak Machtando Wdallewussowoaganink, woak Enschellak gatta witauchsoma Awossagamewunk hallamagamik? 

Those they-rejoice in-their-hope of-life, and you not perhaps you-want-to do-(you-want-to)-(not)-be-free from from-sin and the-Devil from-his-power, and the-angels you-want-to do-(you-want-to)-be-in-fellowship-with-them in-Heaven forever?

Kehella wingelendamowak, meschatanke, geschiechsitschik Enschellak eli petalogalgussowak ju hakink wentschitsch mikindamaquenk woak nutemalquenk; schuk allowiwi wulelendamowi meschatameneen eli tamse witsche necamawa awullakeniman Patamawos Pemauchsohalquenk Awossagamewunk.

Indeed they-delight-in-it, when-one-remembers-it, those-who-are-holy angels how they-are-sent-hither here on-Earth so-that-will they-serve-us and they-guard-us; but more joyfully we-remember-it how sometimes with they-continually-praise-Him God our-Savior in-Heaven.

     Ktendatsch ikalissi nachgohomank, machelemoachgenimank elgiqui ju hakink kaski awullakenimank.  Nennatsch talli nuwitschingeneen eluwussitschik Wtschitschanquinak, nik atta iala tschitquihhillachtik gischquik woak tpoquik, luechtit; Eluwikschiechsit, Eluwikschiechsit, Eluwikschiechsit Eluwantowit Nihillalquonk, ninutschi achpop juke epit, woaksch peu! 

     Then-we-will further we-(will)-sing, we-(will)-elate-Him-with-praise like-as here on-Earth able-to people-are-(able-to)-praise-Him-continually.  Then-will there we-(will)-help those-who-are-most-high the-souls, those not ever-cease-to they-(not-ever-cease-to)-not-be-quiet day and night, they-say:  Holy, Holy, Holy Most-High-Spirit our-Lord, in-the-beginning He-was-there now where-He-is, and-in-the-future he-(will)-come!

Nennatsch quitaptoneen kitapachxitschik Enschellak, luen:  Tekauwontowit aptschinaluxit wtelgixin petawan woak wendenunk Allouchsowoagan, wemi Pawallessowoagan, Wewoatamoagan, woak Tschitanessoagan, Machelemuxowoagan woak Wdallewussowoagan woak Patamoewoagan.

Then-will He-promise those-who-are-thousands the-angels, saying: the-Gentle-Spirit who-is-tortured-to-death he-is-worthy to-bring-them and he-receives-them might, all wealth, knowledge, and strength, praise and power and worship.

     Genamoaganiketsch, Machelemuxowoaganiketsch na lemachdappit wdallewussuwi Hapachpunink, woak Tekauwontowit hallemiwi li hallamagamik.  Amen

     Let-there-be-plenty-of-thanks, let-there-be-plenty-of-praise (for) That One-Who-sits His-powerful chair-on, and the-Gentle-Spirit eternally to forever.  Amen.


HYMN, Tune 39.

Enschlak mamintschimawak Getanittowit,
jukella lissichtit woak ju endalauchsit;
Schachachgauchsowoagan ju gischachtek hakink,
Christ mhittachpit peton wentschi wulangundink

Angels they-praise-Him the-Great-Spirit,
oh-that they-do-so also here he-who-lives-here;
Righteousness here that-which-shines on-Earth,
Christ who-is-begotten brings-it so-that there-is-peace.

Ju endalauchsit juke wulelemuxit,
wentschi witaptonenk Enschlak eluwechtit,
katschi Tspissowoagan tschitsch pendaquachtowi,
schuk nguttitehachtit ju hakink ngemewi.

Here he-who-lives-here now he-is-wonderful,
so-that we-speak-with angels as-they-say,
not a-difference once-more it-is-not-heard,
but they-are-of-one-mind here on-Earth constantly.

Genamauchtsch Getanittowit eli milquenk
ahoalatschil Quisall, wentschi pommauchsijenk,
nan pejat, nachpoochwet Wulangundowoagan,
petaquenk Pakitatamawachtowoagan

Thank-Him-in-the-future the-Great-Spirit because He-gives-him-to-us
him-whom-He-loves His-son, so-that we-live,
that-one who-comes, he-possesses peace,
he-brings-it-to-us forgiveness.

Jesus juke pejat Pemauchsohalquenk,
wemi Gischenaxik wentschi peihaquenank;
Nonetschik woadhikechtitsch Wtahoaltowoagan,
woak pennundhikechtit Mamintschindewoagan.

Jesus now who-comes who-makes-us-live,
all be-ready so-that we-welcome-it;
Sucklings they-will-make-known his-love,
and they-show continual-praise.

"Sermon IX" from Zeisberger, David, Sermons to Children, pp.43-49 (Philadelphia, 1803)



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Re: A Christmas Sermon to Children

This is awesome. Thank you and Merry Christmas!



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Re: A Christmas Sermon to Children

Merry Christmas, TH!



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