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#1 Sep-11-2017 11:10:pm

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More than one word for "goose"?

While performing as a storyteller for a festival over the weekend, I was engaged in conversation by a gentlman who averred that he knew one word of Lenape. He said he had been told that the convenience store chain, Wawa, had been named with the Lenape word for "goose" and therefore used a goose for their logo. Of course, the word I have learned for "goose" is "kaak", which I specifically associate with a Canada goose. Does "wawa" specify a different type of goose, perhaps a barnyard goose?

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#2 Sep-12-2017 10:41:am

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Re: More than one word for "goose"?

"wawa" appears to be a corrupt form of Ojibwe, "wewe" = 'snow goose.'  The Lenape word for 'snow goose' is "melek."



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