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Lenape Language Lessons, 2nd Edition

This set of lessons is still the finest introduction to the spoken Lenape language (Southern Unami dialect) available.  The second edition, re-edited by Jim Rementer, is wonderful.  It has some fine color pictures not found in the original booklets and the written Lenape has been upgraded to the newer spelling system used in the Lenape Talking Dictionary and other modern works. 

Lenape - The language of the Lenape or Delaware Indians was once spoken in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and southeastern New York states. In an effort to help preserve the language Touching Leaves Woman (Nora Thompson Dean) created the Lenape Language Lessons. People have asked if the Lenape Language Lessons are available on CDs. They were originally only on cassette tapes, but we upgraded them to digital format. All four lessons are on a single audio CD. To reduce costs to our customers we have the book of about 70 pages on a separate CD in PDF format. Our customers can now view the lessons while they play the audio, or they can print out specific pages to study. As you listen to the Lessons you hear the Lenape word or phrase, then the English translation, then the Lenape again. The topics covered in the lessons are: Sounds of Lenape; Greetings; Common Phrases; Numbers; Weather Expressions; Grammar; Kinship Terms; Words Used in Prayer; Ages of Men and Women; More Common Phrases; Names for Food; and Names of Birds. There are also two vocabularies of the words used in the Lessons: Lenape - English Vocabulary, and English - Lenape Vocabulary.

Lenape Language Lessons can be purchased at Amazon:

http://www.amazon.com/Lenape-Language-L … ge+lessons



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