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An Easter Hymn in Delaware

I have provided an English word-for-word translation. 

Hallelujah!  der Heiland lebt, nun ist auf Erden Friede, u.   N. 203
(Hallelujah!  the Savior lives, now there is peace on Earth, &.)

CHRIST  pommauchsu, machelemo!   {Christ he-lives, praise-him!}
Juke Pemhakamigek   {Now in-the-world}
Mechi Langundowoagano,   {Greatly there-is-peace,}
Genamo Welsittamek!   {Thank-him you-who-believe!}

2. Nischitqui ngenamuihh’na:   {Kneeling we-give-thanks (to):}
Nan Tegauwussitaquenk   {That one-who-is-gentle-with-us}
Schachachgauchsohalgohhena;   {He-who-makes-us-righteous}
Auwen a tschitsch mandomquenk?   {Who would again (would)-he-blame-us?}

3. Auwen gendelinget?  anglop    {Who (is) he-who-condemns?  He-died}
Christ Jesus, woak pommauchsu;   {Christ Jesus, and he-lives;}
Kikewoagan gischiechenop,   {Life it-was-finished}
Lekhammajenk tschiskhasu.   {That-which-we-owed it-is-wiped-out.}

4. Pemapanik Pemhakamik   {Heaven (and) Earth}
Pendaquot genamuwi,   {It-is-heard thanksgiving}
Ngutthittaxu mechachwelik   {It-is-one-sound a-great-wish}
‘Ta tepachkindamowi:   {Not it-is-not-counted-sufficiently:}

5. Juke welangundohalquenk   {Now he-who-causes-peace}
Mequit Tegauwontowit,   {He-who-is-bleeding he-who-is-a-gentle-spirit}
Petschi Getanittowitink,   {Hither to-the-Great-Spirit}
Wentschi machelemuxit.  {Therefore he-is-honored.}

6. Nihillalquonk ktauwunnasop,  {Our-Lord he-was-buried}
Metschi aptschinaluxu,   {After he-is-afflicted-to-death}
Enda amuit gischiechenop   {When he-rises-up it-was-finished}
Machelemuwi Gischgu.  {Honored is-the-day}

7. Wetochwink togenapanil,  {The-Father He-woke-him-up,}
Metschi Pallawewoagan   {After the-transgression}
Wundangluke Gischelematschil;   {When-he-dies-for those-whom-He-created;}
Wdehin Wundelemoagan.  {His-heart glorying-in-it}

8. Eli hokey wihungetup,   {As his-body He-sacrificed,}
Wentschi Getanittowit   {So-that the-Great-Spirit}
Pakantschi tepelendangup,   {Completely He-was-satisfied,}
Wunendhikenep epit.   {He-revealed-it where-He-is.}

9. Wulistanke Wetschitschanquit,   {If-he-believes a-human-soul,}
Wtelli wulangomgussin,   {That-he is-blessed}
Christ eli angluk woak amuit.   {Christ because he-dies and he-rises-up}
Pakantschitsch Schachachgauchsin.   {Completely-will he-be-righteous.}

10. Getanittowit woadhiket   {The-Great-Spirit He-makes-it-known}
Goktemagelowoagan,   {His-mercy,}
Getoochwalind Nutemekschet   {He-who-was-brought-out the-Shepherd}
Na untschi Anglowoagan.   {That-one from death.}

11. Nutemekschet Welilissit   {The-Shepherd he-who-does-good}
Mocum Memekschak untschi   {His-blood the-sheep for}
Miltink, wentschi pommauchsichtit,  {A-gift, so-that they-live,}
Ktschip Anglowoagan untschi.   {He-went-out death from.}

12. Amintschimauchtsch Tegauwussit,   {He-will-be-praised the-Gentle-One,}
Medhik schuk metenukquenk;   {Evil only it-prepares-us;}
Juke Christ eli amuit,   {Now Christ as he-rises-up,}
Wuski gischigohalquenk.   {Anew he-gives-us-birth.}

13. Gakitschiwitsch nhakeuchsink,   {Truly-truly-will there-be-hope,}
Wentschi awelendamenk,   {Therefore we-are-certain,}
Wulatenamoaganink   {Of-happiness}
Hallemiwitsch lauchsijenk.   {Eternally-will we-live-so.}

14. Christink sokenepasijenk   {In-Christ we-are-baptized}
Guttawungeneen witschi,   {we-are-buried with-(him),}
Wentschitsch woak amuig’nukquenk,   {So-that-will also he-(will)-raise-us-up,}
Witauchsomanksch witschi.   {We-will-live-with-him with.}

15. Eluwak Wdamuiwoaganink   {Most-powerful by-his-resurrection}
Untschi milgejenk Wtschitschank,   {By we-are-given his-spirit}
Weskiechquonk woak lauchsohalquenk,   {He-who-makes-us-new and he-who-makes-us-live,}
Christ Jesus welelendank.   {Christ Jesus he-who-rejoices-in-it.}

16. Allowanittowoaganink   {In-greater-spirituality}
Hokenk tschitanauchsihh’na,  {In-his-body we-live-strong,}
Tepalquenk woak gischitaquenk,   {He-who-maintains-us and he-who-completes-us,}
Welhikink ktellauchsihh’na.   {In-that-which-is-good we-live-so.}

17. Woaktsch lauchsijenk ahoaltuwi,   {And-will we-live-so lovingly,}
Wentschitsch wulilawehank,   {Therefore-will we-comfort-him,}
Wulistawonque wdehiwi,   {If-we-believe-(in)-him heartily,}
Untschi Christ Nihillalquonk.   {Concerning Christ our-Lord.}

18. Mechakenimauchtsch, genamauchtsch,   {He-will-be-greatly-talked-about, he-will-be-thanked}
Hallemiwi Pemauchsit;   {Eternally he-who-lives;}
Amintschimauchtsch, patamawauchtsch,   {He-will-be-praised, he-will-be-worshipped,}
Juni talli woak epit.   {Here in and where-he-is.}

[David Zeisberger, A Collection of Hymns, for the use of the Christian Indians, of the missions of the United Brethren, in North America, Philadelphia (1803), Hymn 74, pages 50-53.]

Here is a link to the hymn in its original German, so you can hear the tune to which it was sung.  It has a 40-second prelude before the singing begins.

http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=hal … B6B6D36190



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Re: An Easter Hymn in Delaware

18 verses! No modern church would sing that! The Amish would, though. Anischi, sschkaak! Very nice.

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Re: An Easter Hymn in Delaware

Thank you. smile



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Re: An Easter Hymn in Delaware

What a great song! Thank you!



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