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#1 Nov-29-2011 02:24:pm

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residential schools.........

for those who claim that the treatment recieved at the mission/residential schools was gentle, humane, and loving, here's an excerpt from an article by fredda paul, a passamaquoddy, who was placed in a residential school during the summer of 1950........"Indian Residential School was not a nice place to be. As soon as you arrive, they try to take your culture away and make you somebody you are not. Some parents put their children there thinking it was going to be a better place than they could provide; others for various personal reasons. The priest and nuns would put on a good show when people from the outside came in, but all along there were terrible things they did to us. Sometimes we found maggots in our food. We were punished for speaking our language. The punishments were severe – when they strapped you, it was always 25 times with a leather strap. They would strip you and lock you up in the “dungeon,” a dark concrete room about 3’ x 6’. There was sexual abuse that I experienced and watched happen to other kids. My special little friend died there because of a punishment we both received. Even today, I can see him crying for help. The darkness is difficult to forget."

this is but one example of the abuse and brutality by these missions/schools..........



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Re: residential schools.........

1.  This post belongs in the History section of the ALL NATIONS forum--not in the Lenape forum.

2.  Nobody on this forum has ever said anything good about residential schools.  You're setting up straw men, so you can knock them down.

3.  Moravian Indian Missions were NOT "residential schools."



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