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#1 Aug-25-2011 02:02:pm

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would anyone be interested in helping out?

we have numerous items and crafts that we do here in copan, dewey oklahoma, by  lenape people who wish to donate thier goods for a good purpose. we are currently working on raising funds for our childrens thursday night program. we are in the process of raising the neccessary funds to start our own 501 3c status , so we can carry on our program into something bigger and better.  these non profit status are not free.  thankfully we have all pulled through to help out. we have finger weavers, moccassin ma kers, ribbonwork  makers( not applique)  people who do great beadwork, wampum makers, drum makers and cedar box makers who have things up for bids as we speak.

all kids are welcome as well as adults, native and non native people to our thursday night program. we are on our own in this endeavor and we feel it will turn out just fine!  if you'd be in terested in helping out by purchasing an item or two let me know. i'll be able to host some pictures of items we have donated and items that can be made.

our program consists of basic lenape language, simple sentences, stories and songs, we help teach social dance songs and associated dance moves that go along with them, pow-wow drum songs and also pow-wow regalia items.  as we learn new things we share what we know in order ot keep the circle moving.  it is a really good program and i wouldnt support it if i felt it was hokey and false. i donate my own time each thursday night for the past years along with my family and friends. we are not supported tribally, unless we count them letting us use the community center building on thurs. nights.  we wish to remain outside the realm of the delaware tribal cultural committee group . it is fun and getting better each week! if youre in the area come check us out, all are welcome!  wanishi! <<<



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