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#1 Mar-03-2008 06:13:am


From Harvey Arden

Let's share a few bucks with this wonderful woman
& her family--oppressed
by a tribal govt with a Standing Stone
(Casino)for a heart. /Harvey

  -------- Original Message --------
Subject: Urgent help needed for Danielle
Schenandoah/Oneida Indian
From: kabespir
Date: Sun, March 02, 2008 3:32 pm

Danielle and her 3 children are really struggling
just to keep warm! They
do not receive any money from OIN BUT are still
counted on Ray's rolls so
HE can get $$ from the feds. Right now a help
request is needed Yesterday!
Please find it in your hearts to help Denny and
her children...
Electric Blankets are needed to keep them warm.
There is NO HEAT in several bedrooms, and the
sizes are:
1 Double size Electric Blanket
1 Single size electric Blanket.
These are for the children!
Also, Wal-mart Debit cards need to be sent for
Also, Home Depot Debit cards for purchase of
space heater and she could
really use a wood burner if anyone has one. (Gas
is very expensive!)
The weather has been rough here in the NE USA,
esp in NY!
It has been -25 degrees Wind Chill factors, and
the car Denny was
repairing has a cracked engine block due to the
No job, now no transportation. No skirting on her
trailer/mobile home and
needs this also. Maybe a work group can go to
help make repairs (Denny's
been doing all the repairs herself when she can)
The children all need clothes, shoes, coats,
etc., but it would be best if
the Wal-mart debit cards are sent to:
Danielle Schenandoah
P.O.Box 114
Nedrow, NY 13120
Please help...

Danielle owns her own "fixer up" mobile home, but
she leases the property
it is on on Onondaga Rez. One cannot own land
She has no income but her jewelry and traditional
crafts. If you would
like to order something, write to her at the
above address.
She doesn't have access to the computer, so lets
all help!
Thank you, Cante Peta and Others who help.
Here is the blogspot again for more info that a
good soul set up for Denny:
Another idea is to give Clan Mother Maisie,
Danielle's mother, a card
shower. She is the Only Inidan in a nursing home
and would appreciate your
cards and prayers. If you speak Iroquoian, write
to her! Use the P.O. Box
Nedrow, NY 13120 for Danielle and send the cards!
Denny will see her and
take them. Let's not forget Clan Mother Maisie...
Please PRAY for Danielle and the kids.
nie:wen ko'wah,
Plz Circulate this request. Let's not let the guy
with the bulldozer
continue to hurt Danielle and the Trads!
We can help her.
   For more background on this issue visit:
If you need a phone number for Danielle e-mail
with a subject line or reply to this mail.
Thanks for helping Danielle and her children.
Plz circulate to anyone who
can help.
This e-mail is coming from me personally after
speaking to Danielle and
finding out about her incredible needs at this
time. Kathie/Kabespir
Also, plz send any upcoming POW-WOW vending ops
to me so I can let
Danielle know in advance so that she can continue
to support her
Clairise, her daughter, is still recovering from
a severe accident and
there is also no insurance for the hopsital
expenses. There is no child
support because the ex and his new wife work for
Oneida Indian Nation and
claimed "sovereignty" to not have wages attached.
A collection attorney
is also needed.
Even a $5.00 bill in an envelope would help! I
sent a check and noone
would cash it for her; said "insufficient funds"
which was untrue!
I know that people don't like to be asked for
money; we all need
something... but plz, this is really a serious
matter and children are in
Plz keep them all in your prayers as well...


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