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The First North Americans Series

This is a series of novels that Rich got me started on. For the most part, they are excellent.

They are written by a husband and wife team, Kathleen O'Neal Gear and W. Michael Gear, who are also archeologists. They are very good story tellers.

The stories are taken from various periods in [Euro-American] prehistory, from various peoples and nations. They are novels, so the settings are primarily derived from archeological data and speculations. Each book is prefaced by a fictitious archeological event in the present which usually keys to the actual story somehow. Often there is a foreword and/or afterword to further relate the archeological underpinnings of the story.

I think I have read about nine of them so far and can only count two that I didn't enjoy thoroughly. Several of them are so intricately crafted that one can only guess at the conclusion. As one might expect, the story quality improves as the series progresses.

The titles all begin with "People of the ______________". They are not written chronologically and there are no significant links between the stories, so you can begin with any one of them. It might be best to read the first one, "People of the Wolf", since the story does figure in the legends of the subsequent books, but not so much that each subsequent book cannot stand by itself.

The authors have written at least two other series of books about prehistoric First Nations peoples also. I have not progressed to them yet.

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