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#1 Oct-08-2012 10:35:am

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Dehydrating herbs

Just a helpful hint:

We recently purchased a new dehydrator. It is made by Nesco and is available through Wal-Mart online. It uses a convection fan to circulate the heated air through the trays (as opposed to the original dehydrators that had a heating element in the bottom and depended on thermal rise to dry the materials). There are other dehydrators of this type available, most of them with the term "Professional" in their name, some of them quite expensive. This one is currently priced at about $70 on the Wal-Mart site.

Point being, these new-tech dehydrators dry herbs overnight instead of taking days. The Nesco has temperature settings for various dehydrating tasks and even has a special tray available for dehydrating liquids (such as eggs or milk).

Pam has been using hers since mid-August to dehydrate tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and other produce. We recently began dehydrating mints and other herbs from the garden. I will probably have a try at dehydrating some corn in the next week or so.

I haven't tried it for curing tobacco, and probably won't. Call me a traditionalist.

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#2 Oct-11-2012 10:07:am

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Re: Dehydrating herbs

Wow! that's sooo goood.

The 2 year drouth here killed a lot.

I had all this mint growing, and a person who mowed my yard for me, mowed my mint, and the drouth finished killing the rest out.
My brother dug up my yard working on my house, and killed out my antique cannas I had moved here from where I lived down south.

My Mom's lavender bush, all fruit trees, cottonwood tree, and honeysuckle, and her rose bush -- killed by the drought and grasshoppers.

Millions of trees have died in Texas.

We finally got some rain

I have big, I mean B I G patches of no bermuda in my yard, where it died out.

I had transplanted a grape vine from cuttings. The grape vine grows on a piece of land where there's an empty abandoned house., and my grapevine made it!



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