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The Red Record - a review

THE RED RECORD, by David McCutchen

A "poetic" paraphrase of Rafinesque's early nineteenth century hoax. The so-called "Delaware" or "Lenape" text is a patchwork of words culled from early Moravian missionary sources, strung together without regard for grammar or semantic structure. It's a transparent fraud. The so-called "pictographs" are, likewise, a fabrication of Rafinesque. The eminent scholar of Delaware culture and language, Dr. David Oestreicher, in his lengthy doctoral dissertation, has completely demolished any flicker of a notion that this work has any legitimacy, whatsoever. It was ever unknown to the Delaware Tribe of Indians, now headquartered in Bartlesville, OK; and their council has summarily dismissed it. Every resurrection of this work, as an "authentic" production of the Lenape Indians, constitutes another hoax perpetrated on an unsuspecting public--even if done unintentionally. In the end, this is just another White Man's fiction, masquerading as an Indian narrative.

Raymond Whritenour



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Re: The Red Record - a review

Oh my God! McCutchen was the worst! He had the Lenape fighting the "Proto Chinese" during the Terminal Archaic and growing corn on the Columbian Plateau in the Western U.S. hmm

I don't have anger issues...just violent reactions to B.S.
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