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And now, for something entirely different...

Translated into Delaware Indian by David Zeisberger

With a word-for-word English rendering by Raymond Whritenour

Copyright © 2009 by Raymond Whritenour

Kechitti Koecu Hokeyiwi Latschachtowoagan untschi Amemensak Li.

A-little Thing Bodily Care of Children To.

Gischitak Elleniechsink Untschi David Zeisberger.

That-which-he-makes Delaware-Indian by David Zeisberger.

Philadelphia:  1803.  (Printed by A. & G. Way)


§. 1.
GETANITTOWIT  metschi Awossagame woak Pemhakamigek, Kitahican woak wemi etek, Awosssagame woak Pemhakamigek woak Kitahicanink gischelendangup, nan wtenk untschi gischihapanil na Lenno.  Bischik tepi a Nguttaptonagan untschi gischihap litehatpanne, elihatup wemi takanil; schuk palliwi wtellenummenep.
THE-GREAT-SPIRIT already Heaven and the-world, the-ocean and all where-it-is, Heaven and the-world and in-the-ocean that-which-He-created, That-One after wards He-made-him that man.  To-be-sure enough would one-word by He-(would)-have-made-him when-he-thought, as-he-did-it-to-them all others; but otherwise He-did-it.

Elgiqui Assisquahushetschil wunatenummen ngutti Pangewi haki, woak untschi Ehattek gischitak, na woak Patamawos Nihillalquonk wunatenummenep ngutti Pangewi haki, woak untschi manihap hokey netamiechink Lenno, woak Wuleechewoagan untschi pommauchsohalap. 

Like-as a-potter he-takes-it one piece (of) earth, and by that-which-is-there he-makes-something, That-One also God our-Lord He-took-it one piece (of) earth, and from He-fashioned-him his-body the-first man, and His-breath by He-made-him-live.

Gischihap untschi necama Wdelinaxowoagan, woak Eva wentschitsch witauchsomat woak witahemat gischihap untschi ngutti Hopican, wundenasu Lenno Hopochquanink.  Jun leep netami gischiechinkup Nhakeyina, woak untschi neichquot Eluwiwewoatamoagan, Tgauchsowoagan woak Wdallewussowoagan Gischelemukquenk.

He-made-him from His His-likeness, and Eve so-that-will she-live-with-(him) and she-(will)-help-him He-made-her from one his-(one)-rib, it-is-taken-from the-man from-his-side.  This it-was-so first he-who-was-made-(first) (of) ourselves, and from-(it) it-is-seen the-highest-knowledge, gentleness and power (of) our-Creator.


§. 2.
Netamiechen Gischihendpannik metschi mattalogasichtitup, pallawewichtitup, eli pallsittamichtit Wtachpawewoagan Patamawos milatup, untschi patatonewoap Anglowoagan.  Wuntschi schiwelendamop Gischelemukquenk, woak penauwelendamop wentschi lappi witahemat Gischelematschil. 
First those-who-were-made already they-worked-evil, they-transgressed, because they-disbelieve His-commandment God He-gave-it-to-them, therefore they-earned death.  Thereby-He was-sorrowful our-Creator, and He-considered-it so-that again He-helps-them those-whom-He-creates.

Gischitehep wtellitsch otwebhassin, wentschitsch keski wundangellen ju enda lauchsit, woak wentschitsch nihillapeuhet Wtanglowoagan untschi, wentschitsch lappi peschuwat hallemiwi Pommauchsowoaganink. 

He-decided that-He-will come-in-the-flesh, so-that-will able-to He-(will)-be-(able-to)-die-for here where one-lives (i.e., “man”), and so-that-will He-free-him his-death from, so-that-will again He-(will)-bring-him eternal life-to.

Nanne wuntschi Getanittowit ehoalatschil Ochwall gischihap hokey Kikochquesink Mary untschi Welsit Mtschitschangunk, woak elgiqui takanik Amemensak hokeyichtit woak Mocumichtit, woak tpisqui wdelinaxinep, schuk atta matschilissiwip. 

That for the-Great-Spirit him-whom-He-loves His-Father He-made-him his-body in-the-unmarried-maid Mary by the-Holy Spirit-by, and like-as other-ones children they-are-embodied and they-have-blood, and exactly he-appeared-so, but not he-did-not-do-evil.

Nanne hokey pakantschi wdelinaxop elinaxit ju enda lauchsit:  Gatopuite, mizop:  Getosomuite woak menep:  wiquihhillate gauwip:  Wunachgemamunk mikemossop, eli Tachanink mikemossop; Mehittoochwenep untschi Gallilee li Jerusalem woak apatschip.  Hittawakunk untschi pendamap Gettemaxit Winuwewoaganowa, nik negalachtit woak witahemapanil. 

So his-body completely he-appeared-so as-he-appears here where he-lives (i.e., “man”):  If-he-is-hungry, he-ate:  When-he-is-thirsty also he-drank:  when-he-is-weary he-slept:  By-his-hands he-worked, as in-wood he-worked; {he-walked-openly} from Galilee to Jerusalem and he-came-home.  By-the-ear by he-heard-him he-who-is-poor their-petition, those those-who-trust-(in)-him and he-helped-them.

Wuschginquall sogahhellewall suppinquall untschi Jerusalem penauwate {? pennanke} Uteney; Wilink gawunschuwi Apachtoquepisop &c.  Wemi jun untschi woachquot, [95] Nihillalquonk Jesus Christ wtelli hokeyinep woak linaxop ktakan ju enda lauchsit elinaxit. 

His-eyes they-spill tears for Jerusalem when-he-looks-at-it the-city; on-his-head of-thorns he-wore-a-crown &c.  All this by it-is-revealed, [95] our-Lord Jesus Christ that-he was-embodied and he-appeared-so another here where he-lives (i.e., “man”) as-he-appears.

Woak nan wdelinaxu {? linaxu} quajaqui:  Eli metschi amuite pennundellapanil Gegegimatschil Wunachgall woak Wsitall Mukosak gendatehundup woak Eschauwesit tengandasik.  Penno ehoalachgik Amemenstook, ju untschi matta eksaselendamowenk eli hokeyijenk woak Spiechgejenk:  Ntitechquo Nihillalquonk Jesus Christ tpisqui wdelinaxop {? linaxop}.

And that-one he-appears-so still:  Because already when-he-rises-up he-showed-them his-disciples his-hands and his-feet the-nails those-which-were-driven-in and his-side that-which-is-pierced.  Behold beloved-ones O-little-children, this for not we-do-not-disesteem-it how we-are-embodied and we-have-limbs:  Because our-Lord Jesus Christ exactly he-appeared-so.
Woak kiluwa ehoalachgik Amemenstook Patamawos gemilgehhimo kakeyjuwa wentschi linaxijek.  Newentschi Lutherus laptonet:  Nolsittam Patamawos wtelli ngischihuk, woak nemilgunep Nhakey, Ntschitschank, Wewoatamoagan Nostamoewoagan, woak wemi Npennauwelendamoagan.  Wentschi pendamek, nemek, amandamek, mellamek, woak knita meschandamek, wemi Nihillalquonk gemilgenewo.
And you beloved-ones O-little-children God (by) you-are-given-them your-bodies so-that you-appear-so.  Therefore Luther he-speaks-thus:  I-believe God that-He He-makes-me, and He-gave-them-to-me my-body, my-soul, knowledge, understanding, and all my-consideration.  Therefore you-hear, you-see, you-feel, you-smell, and skillfully-you you-taste, all our-Lord (by) you-are-given-them.
Newentschi eli gemilgenewo hokey {? indef. poss. for archaic m’hakey} woak wemi elinaxijek woak happi Pommauchsowoaganowa; woak eli wtappalguwa kakeyjuwa woak kpetauchsohalguwa, untschi tepi hatten wentschi genamohhumo, woak wtelgixen wentschi lauchsijek necama welelendank.
Therefore as you-are-given-it a-body and all as-you-appear and in-the-bargain your-life; and as He-maintains-them your-bodies and He-makes-you-live, therefore enough it-is-there so-that you-give-thanks, and are-worthy so-that you-live-so He that-which-He-is-glad-about.

§. 3.
Schuk ikalissi ktellohhumo:  Ksokepasihhimo {? Ksokenepasihhimo}, woak Sokenepaltowoagan untschi [96] Welsit Mtschitschank Owikin kakewawunk, Patamawos Wendamemensijek, hokenk guntschijeyinewo woak Meniechematschil. 
But further I-say-to-you:  You-are-baptized, and baptism by [96] the-Holy Spirit He-dwells in-yourselves, God you-are-children-of, of-Himself you-are-of and {those-whom-He-congregates}.

Kpendamohhumo eet Aptonagan elaptonenk:  Matta gewoatowunewo, eli Patamoewigawan kakeyjuwa, woak eli Patamawos Wtschitschanquall ktappitaguwa?  Woak takan laptonachgat:  Matta gowoatowunewo eli kakeyjuwa Christink wentschikijek? 

Do-you-hear-it perhaps the-word as-we-speak:  Not do-you-not-know-it, how a-house-of-prayer (is) your-bodies, and how God His-Spirit He-abides-in-you?  And another there-is-(another)-meaning-of-the-word:  Not do-you-not-know-it how your-bodies from-Christ you-grow-from?

Newentschi Patamawos eli Owikin kakeyjuwawunk woak Jesussink wentschikijek untschi gnemenewo Patamawos eli matta wtelli wulelendamowi gemeken kakeyjuwa Medhikink, Wijagasksowoaganink, Schuk ktellitsch wulatschahan woak ktappalan Nihillalquonk elitehat woak eli wulelendam.  Schuk ta elenumek wentschitsch lissijek juketsch ktakenutemolhummo.

Therefore God because He-dwells in-your-bodies and from-Jesus you-grow-from therefore you-see-it God how not He-thus is-not-glad you-surrender your-bodies to-evil, to-unruliness.  But that-you-will take-good-care-of-them and you-maintain-them our-Lord as-he-thinks and as he-is-glad.  But indeed how-you-do-it so-that-will you-do-so now-will I-relate-it-to-you.
Enda tenktitihhimoacup, woak enda kpeschogenewoap eluwiwulik Sokenepaltowoagan li; ne talli nelema hittawi ktauwekewunewo Gnachguwa woak Kisitowa, woak esquo gowoatowunewo ta elatschahund kakeyjuwa.  Gattopujekup, gattosomojekup, schita wiquihhilajekup, schita koecu winamandamekup, Schuk lepakhittihhimoap, eli esquo kaski aptonewi, woak atta kaski wundamowi elinejekup.
When you-were-little, and when you-were-brought most-holy baptism to; there in not-yet skillfully you-do-not-use your-hands and your-feet, and not-yet you-do-not-know-it indeed how-they-are-taken-care-of your-bodies.  You-were-hungry, you-were-thirsty, or you-were-weary, or a-thing you-felt-sore, only many-of-you-(only)-wept, as not-yet able-to-you are-not-(able-to)-speak, and not able-to-you are-not-(able-to)-declare {how-you-were-ill}.

Newentschi Kikeyjuwa woak Tepalquongik kpennauwelemukguwoap, misselitehepannik:  koecu eet nundehelleu schita gatatam wo Amementit?  Keecheleneyachki [97] kutschihillachtonewoap,  Shaki mochgamenewoap ta koecu mindawep. 

Therefore your-elders and those-who-maintain-us they-considered-you, they-variously-thought:  What perhaps does-he-need or does-he-desire this baby?  {Several-different-kinds} [97] they-tried-them,  until they-found-it indeed what he-moaned-(about).

Nihillalquonk woak Kikemhalquonk wentschijeyik wemi Wulik, milap Kikeyjumowa woak Tepalquongik Wdehuwawunk Ahoaltowoagan kiluwa Amemensijek li, wentschi schuk abtschi kpenauwelemukguwa Wulatschachtowoaganowa, woak atta nallauhokewipannik mindawekup woak wundeuchtumekup, wentschi nemhittitup eli koecu nundehhellajek.

Our-Lord and our-Savior that-which-is-from (is) all that-which-is-good, he-gave-it-to-them your-elders and those-who-maintain-us in-their-hearts love you you-who-are-children toward, so-that only always they-consider-you your-good-care, and not {they-were-not-content} you-moaned and you-cried-for-(something), so-that they-saw-it how a-thing you-are-in-need-of-it.
Metschi allemi lemattachpijek woak allemi pomissijekup, woak metschi tepi aptonehhimoap; ijabtschi matta knitawi nihillatschi guschiechton kakeyjuwa, woak Kilachk ktschikhamowi [Z., kschik hamowi], woak atta nihillatschi kaski ktacquin woak mizin. 
Already begin-to you-(begin-to)-sit-down and begin-to you-(begin-to)-walk-about, and already sufficiently you-spoke; still not skillfully-you yourselves you-wash-them your-bodies, and your-hair you-do-not-comb-it, and not yourselves able-to you-are-(not)-(able-to)-dress and to-eat.

Wemi ju untschi ktappalguwoap Kikeyjumowa woak Tepalquongik.  Ntenda nemenep Amemensak tamse mindawepanik woak lepakhattopanik, bischi gatta wulihan, Schuk esquo owoatowunewo weliechguk woak nundehellachtit.

All this concerning they-maintained-you your-elders and those-who-maintain-us.  When-I saw-it children sometimes, they-moaned and many-of-them-wept, to-be-sure you-want-to do-something-good-for-them, But not-yet they-do-not-know-it that-good-which-one-does-for-them and they-are-in-need-of-it.

§. 4.

Schuk ehoalachgik Amemenstook, kiluwa mingachsa mechakilook woak knenostamenewo endchi lellek.  Quewoatamoaganowa bischi tatchitto quajaqui; schuk ijabtschi tepi gnemenewo ta elenumek wentschi latschahek kakeyjuwa schuk wulipennauwelendameque.  Tamse gnemenewo Amemensak [98] Lowanke wingi Mechocquamink ewak, schuk woak kpendamenewo tamse alende kschittechin. 

But you-who-are-beloved O-little-children, you a-little-better {you-are-big} and you-understand-it as-much-as I-tell-you.  Your-wisdom to-be-sure it-is-little still; but still enough you-see-it indeed how-you-do-it so-that you-take-care-of-them yourselves only if-you-well-consider-it.  Sometimes you-see-it children [98] when-it-is-Winter gladly on-the-ice they-go, but also you-hear-it sometimes some are-falling-and-getting-injured.

Newentschi genachgissik, katschi nechoha ta aheek enda wschachan Mehocquamink.  Wingi lissik, awulsittamook Kikeyjumowa koecu lukgun [Z., lukgan] wtachquek.  Woak jun leu, Amemensak wemi koecu Wunachguwawunk wingi wunatenumenewo.  Tamse nemhittite koecu kinek schengiechen, schawi gatta ajummen, wentschi lind:  ponito awullsittamichtit mattatsch pallihawiwall hokeyjuwawall.

Therefore be-careful, don’t alone indeed do-not-go where it-is-glossy on-the-ice.  Gladly do-so, obey-it your-elders what {they-tell-(you)} it-visits-you.  And this it-is-so, children every thing in-their-hands gladly they-take-it.  Sometimes when-they-see-it a-thing that-which-is-sharp it-lies, immediately you-want-to get-it, so-that they-are-told:  Leave-it-alone they-obey not-will they-(will)-not-hurt-them their-bodies.

Tamse woak ngutti Amemens tepi a takan wulihat woak natschihat, tamse Amemens missamehhelleu, Pachkschican glennink, takan late:  wo pallihattol Pachkschican tamse hakink ktellihhilan.  Nanne wulihhilleu schawi awullsittanke.  Pendamook Aptonacan:  Nihillalquonk wulelemawall nik apensuwi gelsittawawall wemi, quonna Amemensall, woataque eli aski achgegimgussin ta segauchsit. 

Sometimes also one child enough would another he-(would)-do-him-good and he-tends-him, sometimes a-child he-runs-all-around a-knife he-holds-it, the-other when-he-says-to-him:  O put-it-down-elsewhere the-knife sometimes to-the-ground you-drop.  So it-is-good immediately if-he-obeys.  Hear-it a-word:  Our-Lord he-considers-them-to-be-somebody those enjoyably they-listen-to-him every-(one), even-if a-child, as-he-knows-it how must he-be-taught indeed so-long-as-he-lives.

Schuk jun ajandamolquot:  Ktellangundowoaganowa tschitani glennemeque Patamawos gischiechink eluwiwulik Sokenepaltowoaganink woak allemi lauchsijeque; Nanne Welsit Mtschitschank ktappitaguwa Ktehuwawunk, woak gemigomguwatsch ta elsijek woak ta koecu quitamek kakeyjuwa  Latschachtowoagan untschi.  Nan {? Nen} abtschi meschatamook woak lissik. 

But this it-is-to-be-wished:  Your-peace firmly if-you-hold-it God {He-Who-is-ready} most-holy baptism-in and begin-to when-you-(begin-to)-live-so; then the-Holy Spirit He-abides-in-you in-your-hearts, and He-will-remind-you indeed what-you-do and indeed what you-dread your-bodies the-care concerning.  That always call-it-to-mind and act-so.

Woak eet kpendamenewo Aptonagan:  Welilissitschik [99] Enschellak, lilchpoak Wtschitschanquoak allogalgussowak wentschitsch genachgihachtit niktsch apendamichtit hallemiwi Pommauchsowoagan; woak Pemauchsohalquenk eluwetup:  Amemensak Wtenschellumall abtschi pennamenewo Wuschgink Wetochemuxit epit Awossagame. 

And perhaps you-hear-it the-word:  Those-who-do-good [99] the-angels, they-are-diligent spirits they-are-sent so-that-will they-take-care-of-them those-will they-enjoy-it eternal life; and our-Savior as-he-said:  The-children His-angels always they-look-at-it at-His-face the-Father where-He-is Heaven.

Newentschi patamo wentschitsch anatschiechquek welilissitschik Wtenschellumall woak genachgiechquek.  Wentschitsch mcheli Winhattacuwoagan kpallilennemaguwa matta wemi gowoatowunewo.

Therefore pray so-that-will they-watch-over-you those-who-do-good His-angels and they-take-care-of-you.  Therefore-will much danger {He-(will)-put-it-away-from-you} not all you-do-not-know-it.

§. 5.

Hokey Latschachtowoagan untschi woak gachtalquot wentschi kschiechtonk.  Tenktitihhimoap ehoalachgik Amemenstook, Gohessewawak woak Tepalquongik guschiechemukguwap.  Juke eli mingachsa mchakilook wulihilleu gatta nitaton nihillatschi guschiechton. 

One’s-body the-care concerning also it-is-desirable so-that it-is-washed.  You-who-were-little you-who-are-beloved O-little-children, your-mothers and those-who-maintain-us they-washed-you.  Now as a-little-better you-are-big it-is-good you-want-to be-able-to-do-it your-bodies you-wash.

Newentschi wulit kschiechtook ajappawe woak endchen gachtalquot matta schuk genachguwa schuk woak Wuschginguwa {? Geschginguwa} nachpi Mbi, woak Wuschginquall {? indef. poss.} kschiechtook untschi niski koecu ika glitat. 

Therefore it-is-good wash-them early-in-the-morning and as-often-as it-is-desirable not only your-hands but also your-faces with water, and eyes wash-them of of-dirt what there {it-sticks}.

Ochquecangan Hittawakunk undachqui, woak Kdonewawunk Wipitall wulit kschiechtook nachpi Mbi endchi woapank.  Hittawakall woak Wsitall wulihhilleu tamse kschiechtonke, bischik woak abtschi gemigomgehhimo ktellitsch kschiechsijek.

The-neck by-the-ears this-way, and in-the-mouth the-teeth it-is-good wash-them with water as-much-as it-is-morning.  Ears and one’s-feet it-is-good sometimes if-they-are-washed, to-be-sure also always you-are-reminded that-you-will you-(will)-be-clean.


§. 6.
Hokeyiwi Latschachtowoaganink woak gachtalquot Npeguwoagan.  Patamawos wtelli wulinamen woak ndelelemukguneen metakhammenk kakeyina woak atta soopsiwenk.  Necama nihillatschi achgunnap netami gischihendpannik Chessak untschi gischiton Schakhocquiwanall.  Newentschi Patamawos necama Wditehewoagan Amemensak achquichtit woak matta sopichtik takanik elinquechinhittit. 
Of-the-body of-the-care also it-is-desirable my-clothing.  God He-thus likes-it and He-allows-us we-cover-them our-bodies and not we-are-not-naked.  He Himself He-clothed-them first those-who-were-made-(first) hides from He-makes-them coats.  Therefore God His thought (is) children they-are-clothed and not they-are-not-naked others in-their-presence.

Tenktitihhimoacup matta nihillatschi kaski achgunnawall kakeyjuwawall:  schuk juke allemikijek wulihilleu gatta nitaton woak nenawi {? anenawi} lilenijek.  Matta achowachtowi schuk glistameque lohumagejeque ta elenumek. 

You-were-little not yourselves able-to they-are-(not)-(able-to)-be-dressed your-bodies:  but now you-are-growing it-is-good you-want-to be-able-to-do-it and by-degrees you-are-accustomed-to-do-so.  Not it-is-not-difficult only if-you-listen when-you-are-shown indeed how-you-do-it.

Amemensak newoap, wulaquike getta gewichtit woak guttenumichtit Equichtit, wemi wulatonewoap, woak tachquiwi hattonewoap. Untschi lennemenewoap wentschitsch schawi wemi kaski mochgamenewo quonna pakeninke, eli tepi a leu, Amemens aski amuin tpoquike, woak gatta schawi wtacquin, tamse Wiquoam luteke schita pili koecu meschigakuk. 

Children I-saw-them, if-it-is-evening want-to they-(want-to)-sleep and they-take-them-off their-clothes, all they-put-them-up, and together they-place-them.  Therefore they-did-it so-that-will immediately all able-to they-are-(able-to)-find-them even-if if-it-is-dark, because enough should it-be-so, a-child must rise-up by-night, and wants-to immediately he-(wants-to)-dress, sometime the-house if-it-is-burning or another thing it-draws-near-to-him.

Jun witschemukguwawall alappawiwi getta wtacquin, wentschi matta quin quilamochtik Equichtitschil schuk wemi tpittawe hatteke.  Untschi Equijek Patamawos eli milquek untschi Kikeyjuwa woak Ktelangomawak matta schuk wulelendamook, [101] schuk woak genamo. 

This it-helps-them in-the-morning-to-come wants-to he-(wants-to)-dress, so-that not long they-do-not-look-for-them their-clothes but all together if-they-are-there.  Therefore your-clothes God as He-gives-them-to-you for your-bodies and your-friends not only do-not-(only)-be-glad-about-it, [101] but also say-thanks.

Abtschi litehahhimook:  Matta ni ndelgixiwi tangitti koecu, woak Patamawos matta untschi welhik schakhocquiwan wulelemukguwi, schuk allowiwi Christink untschi.  Wulinatschitook, ahowoatamook Equijek woak kschiechtik, wulambisik enda wuliechen.  Katschi wsami abtschi gischuweke Wil, schuk Ksitowawall allowiwi lachauwelema wentschitsch gischuweke woak penquon. 

Always you-think:  Not I I-am-not-worthy (of) a-little thing, and God not therefore that-which-is-good a-coat he-does-not-consider-it-(anim.)-to-be-something, only more of-Christ of.  Take-good-care-of-them, esteem-them your-clothes and wash-them, bind-them where it-is-good.  Let-it-alone! excessively always when-it-is-(excessively)-warm the-head, but your-feet more {be-concerned-about-them} so-that-will when-it-(will)-be-warm also it-(will)-be-dry.

Npeguwoagan untschi tschitsch gatta wundamen:  Alende Amemensak allowiwi welhik Achgunnawak elgiqui takanik Amemensak, nil Kikeyjujumowawall matta mechawachtik Equitschik kaski mehallamowunewo. 

{My-dress} concerning once-more (I)-want-to declare-it:  Some children more good they-are-clothed than other children, those their-parents not those-which-are-valuable their-clothes able-to they-are-not-(able-to)-buy.

Newentschi Amemensak welhik Equitschik katschi {? atta} litehachtik, untschi allowiwi wulilissichtit elsichtit tacquoak Amemensak machtschi equichtit, woak katschi {? atta} nundawi lelemawiwak schita mattelemawiwak.  Tepi a leu, Amemens welhik Equit tamse wulelensu, woak pallsittamen; wentschi Patamawos matta wulelemawi elgiqui welelemat takan Amemens mezinsit Equit, schuk nundajelensit woak awullsittanke. 

Therefore children that-which-is-good their-clothes {not} they-do-not-think, therefore more they-do-good than-they-do others children bad their-clothes, and {not} less they-do-not-allow-them or they-do-not-despise-them.  Enough could it-be-so, a-child that-which-is-good his-clothes sometimes he-is-haughty, and he-disbelieves; so-that God not He-does-not-consider-him like-as He-considers-him the-other child {bad} his-clothes, but he-is-humble and as-he-obeys.

Woak jun atta wulinaquachtowi, Amemensak schuk pennauwelendamichtit gatatamichtit wulissin, abtschi lachauwelendamichtit welhik equichtit, woak abtschi gachta achgunnawak equit takan Pilawetschitsch schita Ochquetschitsch; woak untschi mindasichtit matta achgunhalgussichtik eli wulelendamichtit, [102] schita nihillatschi wulinamichtit, wentschitsch wulakenimachtit. 

And this not it-does-not-appear-good, children only they-consider-it they-desire-it to-do-good, always they-are-concerned-about-it that-which-is-good their-clothes, and always want-to they-(want-to)-be-clothed his-clothes another boy or girl; and therefore {they-are-discontented} not they-are-not-dressed as they-are-glad-about-it, [102] or themselves they-like-it, so-that-will they-speak-well-of-him.

Schuk ngutti gachtalquot Amemensak quonna teenktitowak schawi ahoatamichtit, natschitochtit Equitschik, mizachtit matta niskitochtit Schakhocquiwanall, woak ta ejachtit Amemensak wulit genachgissichtit mattatsch pallitochtik schita niskitochtik Equitschik;

But one it-is-desirable children even-if they-are-little immediately they-esteem-them, they-take-care-of-them their-clothes, they-eat not they-do-not-dirty-them their-coats, and indeed where-they-go children it-is-good they-take-care not-will they-ruin-them or they-do-not-dirty-them their-clothes;

wentschi matta aachtik enda assiskuju, Matschipak woak Gagun matta niskitochtik, mattatsch landawewichtik, schita hakink woak Pongunk atta pallitowunewo woak pikiechtowunewo Equichtit.  Amemensak wulijeyjuwak nihillatschi pennauwelendamichtit Equichtit wentschitsch tatamse kschiechenumhittit untschi Pongunk;

so-that not they-do-not-go where it-is-muddy, shoe and stocking not they-do-not-dirty-them, not-will they-(will)-not-climb-up, or in-the-dirt and in-the-ashes not they-do-not-ruin-them and they-do-not-tear-them their-clothes.  Children they-are-well-mannered themselves they-consider-them their-clothes so-that-will over-and-over they-make-them-clean of of-dust;

woak tamse pikihhillake, Equink, Gagunall schita Matschipachquall wentschitsch schawi wotelachtit nelema wsami pikihhillake wentschitsch metschimi pachankhasike.  Amemens matta koecu lelendamoque Equit woak matta natschitoque, matta wdelgixiwi koecu achgunnan.

and sometimes if-they-fall-to-pieces, the-clothes, the-stockings or the-shoes so-that-will immediately they-make-it-known not-yet excessively when-they-fall-to-pieces so-that-will presently {as-they-(will)-be-mended}.  A-child not a-thing if-he-does-not-think-about-them his-clothes and not if-he-does-not-take-care-of-them, not he-is-not-worthy a-thing to-put-on.

§. 7.
Hokeyiwi Latschachtowoagan untschi woak gachtalquot Mizewoagan woak Menewoagan wulapendamenk.  Patamawos gischihap ju enda lauchsit wtellitsch undauchsin Mizewoagan woak Menewoagan.  Woak wentschitsch woatak elgiqui tpisquihhillake [103] sungihate hokeyall, wdelihap wtellitsch gattopuin woak gattossomuin. 
Bodily care for also it-is-desirable food and drink we-enjoy-the-benefit-of-them.  God He-made-him here where he-lives {i.e., “man”} that-he-will live-from food and drink.  And so-that-will he-know-it like-as if-the-time-is-at-hand [103] when-he-makes-him-eat himself, He-did-it-to-him that-he-will be-hungry and be-thirsty.

Getopuite, getossomuite, untschitsch wulipoquot Mizewoagan woak Menewoagan.  Nanne Patamawos gispolat wemi auwen hakink ta lauchsit eli wulelendank.  Newentschi Eluwilissit woak Eluwiwewoatam Gischelemukquenk eli gischiechenop ju enda lauchsit wtellitsch wundauchsin Mizewoagan;

When-he-is-hungry, when-he-is-thirsty, therefore-will it-taste-good food and drink.  So God He-satisfies-him every person on-Earth indeed he-lives-so as He-is-glad-about-it.  Therefore the-Most-High also he-is-most-wise our-Creator as it-was-all-set here where he-lives {i.e., “man”} that-he-will live-from food;

untschi Amemens Patamawos ahoalate woak nan wtelli wulelendam, mizu woak meneu, woak genamat welilissit Nihillalquonk na milquenk kakeyina woak Pommauchsowoaganena woak Mizewoagan.  Schuk Achpoan woak Mbi hattaquenke tepi a undauchsihhena.  Mcheli Kitapachxopanik Israelititschik Tauwiwi undauchsopanik Manna endchi Woapank, nan Wdappoanemowoap woak Mbi menepannik happi. 

therefore a-child God if-he-loves-Him and That-One He-thus is-glad-about-it, he-eats and he-drinks, and he-thanks-Him He-Who-does-good our-Lord That-One He-Who-gives-it-to-us ourselves and our-life and food.  Only bread and water if-He-puts-it-down-for-us sufficiently should we-live-from.  Many they-were-thousands the-Israelites {in-the-open} they-lived-from manna as-many-as it-is-morning, that they-had-bread and water they-drank in-the-bargain.

Schuk Patamawos milap ju enda lauchsit mecheleneyachgat Miltowoaganall wentschi mizit, woak mcheleney Mizewoaganall untschi tepi gischiton.  Newentschi tamse auwen ngutteleney allowiwi wingandamen, woak takan auwen pili koecu, nanne hilleu, woak matta auwen untschi koecu litehewi. 

But God He-gave-it-to-him here where he-lives {i.e., “man”} manifold gifts so-that he-eats, and many-kinds foods of enough He-prepares-them.  Therefore sometimes a-person one-kind more he-likes-the-taste-of-it, and another person another thing, so commonly, and not a-person concerning a-thing he-does-not-think.

Schuk kiluwa ehoalachgik Amemenstook, gemigomellohhumo, katschi schingandamowek Mizewoaganall mihhmizink.  Lissijeque seki Amemensijek, wemi Mizewoaganall genamuwi mizijek, quonna tamse ngutti matta husca wingandamowek, ijabtschi [104] gnemenewotsch eli wulilukquek.

But you you-who-are-beloved O-little-children, I-remind-you, don’t do-not-dislike-the-taste-of-them the-foods those-which-are-eaten-continually.  If-you-do-so so-long-as you-are-children, all foods thankfully you-eat, even-if sometimes one not exceedingly you-do-not-like-the-taste-of-it, still [104] you-will-see-it how {it-is-good-for-you}. 

Schugellipook {? Schugellipoquo} koecu woak Woapachpoan Amemensak wingandamenewo echaminde woak luehundi, wingan.  Schuk tepeli woachquot, atta husca wuliechguwiwak Amemensak mchelit untschi mizichtit, schuk allowiwi wulit keechitti untschi mizichtit Schugellipook {? Schugellipoquo} koecu woak Woapachpoan. 

That-which-tastes-sugary a-thing and white-bread children they-like-the-taste-of-them when-they-are-fed-them and it-is-said-so, it-is-savory.  But {enough} it-is-revealed, not exceedingly it-is-not-good-for-them children much of they-eat, but more it-is-good a-little of they-eat that-which-tastes-sugary a-thing and white-bread.

Woak wulihhilleu Amemensak wulappichtit mizichtit, atta niskitochtik.  Woak tamse matta owoatowunewo ta elgiqui gispuichtit, ala mizichtit; newentschi tamse linde:  Quonna a tepi gemizi, wulihhilleu ala mizite woak awullsittanke.  Gunigischuk endchi nagajek gatta mizin matta nan {? nen} wuliechguwi. 

And it-is-good children they-are-well-seated they-eat, not they-do-not-dirty-something.  And sometimes not they-do-not-know-it indeed like-as they-are-sated, cease-to they-(cease-to)-eat; therefore sometimes when-they-are-told:  Even-if should enough you-eat, it-is-good ceases-to if-he-(ceases-to)-eat and if-he-obeys.  Daily as-much-as in-a-little-while you-want-to eat not that it-is-not-good.

Ajappawe, poachacqueke woak wulaquike mizin nan {? nen} majawi wulit; schuk Tenktititschik Amementittak ikalissi aski mizin seki allemikichtit.  Nantsch {? Nannetsch} Amemensak getopuichtit tpisquihhillake Migachtinke nan {? nen} wuliechgun woak wulapendamenewo Mizewoagan nachpi Nihillalquonk Wulapensowoagan, wentschi winuwejek gatta mizin, woak genamau gischemizijek.

Early-in-the-morning, when-it-is-noon and when-it-is-evening there-is-eating that rightly it-is-good; but little-ones little-children further must there-be-eating so-long-as they-are-growing.  {Then-will} children they-(will)-be-hungry if-the-time-is-at-hand {when-there-is-working-with-one-another} that {it-does-them-good} and they-enjoy-the-benefit-of-it food with our-Lord (His)-blessing, so-that you-request you-want-to eat, and thank-Him you-finish-eating.
Eli woatawenk nil Mizewoaganall Patamawos milquonk wundauchsijenk woak tschitanilawemquenk, untschi welilissitschik Amemensak matta ameyachgitonewo Achpoan miltin, woak matta pallitowunewo. 
As we-know those foods God He-Who-gives-them-to-us we-live-from and He-strengthens-us, therefore those-who-do-good the-children not they-are-(not)-wasteful (of) the-bread many-people-give, and not they-do-not-spoil-it.

Gischellemukquenk woak Wipitall milquenk, wentschi Ojosall woak endchi mizijenk wulisquandamenk woak gundamenk wentschitsch wulapendamenk.  Newentschi [105] hokeyiwi Latschachtowoagan untschi woak gachtalquot Amemensak woatochtit elissichtit enda mizink, woak awullsittamichtit migundichtit woak quittelinde.

Our-Creator also teeth He-gives-them-to-us, so-that meats and as-much-as we-eat we-chew-it-well and we-swallow-it so-that-will we-enjoy-the-benefit-of-it.  Therefore [105] bodily care concerning also it-is-desirable children they-know-it how-they-act when there-is-eating, and they-obey they-remind-each-other also as-they-are-warned.

§. 8.
Hokeyiwi Wtschucquiwoagan woak nan {?nen} Latschachtowoagan luwundasik.  Tenktitihhimoap allapehhellagejek, Aschite najumgehhimoap woak kotschemunk kteloochwalukgehhimoap.  Happisink untschi Sachgagunukgehhimoap nitatellukgunewoap achpamsin.  Anena Wiquahemunk kschamehhellahhimoap. 
Bodily movement also that care it-is-called.  You-were-little you-are-rocked, then you-were-carried-on-someone’s-back and outside you-were-taken-along-also.  By-a-burden-strap by you-were-led {they-knew-how-to-tell-(you)} to-walk-about.  By-degrees in-the-house you-ran-fast.

Juke eli metschi mchakilik ijabtschi wingi kschamehhellajek, schuk nechasik kschamehhellajeque, wulipenammook ejajek wentschitsch matta kschitechinewo.  Eli tamse ne leep, Amemensak Wilink machtechinopanik woak wisachgihapanil hokeyjuwawall, schita woak Wunachk schita Welkat poquihhillepanil. 

Now as already {you-are-big} still gladly you-run-fast, but watch-out if-you-run-fast, look-good where-you-are-going so-that-will not you-(will)-(not)-fall-and-get-injured.  Because sometimes that it-was-so, children on-the-head they-struck-against-it and they-hurt-them themselves, or also the-hand or {the-leg} they-were-broken.

Schuk gatta nhitaton wulipomissijek, katschi schuk hakink loquek schuk aspocquek woak wuli tchamaligek.  Woak gahhne wulihilleu schachachgek lemattachpijek matta schuk enda mizijek Ehendachpuingunk, enda sculink, woak enda mawewink; schuk woak tamse milqueke keechitti koecu mikemossijek. 

But you-want-to be-able-to-do-it you-(want-to)-walk-well, don’t only on-the-ground look but lift-up-your-head and well {take-so-many-steps}.  And {quite} it-is-good straight sit not only when you-eat at-the-table, when there-is-school, and when there-is-an-assembly; but also sometimes when-he-gives-it-to-you a-little thing you-work.

Eli nemenep, alende Amemensak abtschi pimeu lemattachpopanik woak hokeyjuwa abtschi jachkiwi liechingup, wentschi pimeu wdelikinewoap.  Kikeyak [106] schita Anatschitaquik tamse woak allogalawall Amemensall koecu nateninke schita koecu matschachtonke, schita palliloochachtonke. 

As I-saw-it, some children always it-is-aslant they-sat and their-bodies always {leaning} he-lied, so-that it-is-aslant they-grew-so.  Elders [106] or those-who-take-care-of-them sometimes also they-send-him a-child a-thing when-he-takes-it or a-thing when-he-carries-it-home, or when-he-brings-it-away.

Nanne koecu lattauwoapichtite, wunipawinewo, linquechinewo woak anena wonessinewo koecu elogalgussichtit, schita woak amiga gentsch wtellsinewo elquichtitup.  Nan matta wulittowi.  Husca matta wulinaquachtowi Amemensak wsami wiagasksichtit, missamehhellachtit Wiquahemunk, kotschemunk, woak lelawiutenink niskalamuichtit.

Then a-thing if-they-look-for-it, they-stand, they-look-at-something and by-degrees they-forget-it the-thing how-they-are-sent, or also a-long-time until they-do-so like-as-they-did.  That not it-is-not-good.  Exceedingly not it-does-not-look-good children excessively they-are-unruly, they-run-all-over in-the-house, outside, and in-the-middle-of-town they-are-noisy.

Amemensak getta lauchsin Patamawos welelendank matta a wingi wtellsinewo.  Patamawos eli hokeyiwi ta lauchsop woak Amemensop kiluwa elinaxijek, kpennundellukuwa wentschitsch lissijek necama elsitup; woak untschi patamoelchi Wtamemensuwoagan patatacup wentschi kaski lauchsijek elauchsitup ju hakink. 

Children want-to live God He-who-is-glad-about-it not should gladly they-(should)-(not)-do-so.  God as bodily indeed he-lived and he-was-a-child you as-you-appear, he-shows-you so-that-will you-do-so he as-he-did; and therefore {pray-for-it} his-childhood he-earned so-that able-to you-are-(able-to)-live as-he-lived here on-Earth.

Amemensak woak papoak, melawussowak, schuk allowiwi wulit atta husca anatschitochtik gentsch Kikeyjumowawall wulinamichtit.  Tepi a kschamehhellachtit, allemamehhellachtit, wentschitsch allachimuichtit wiquihhillachtit, wentschitsch atta wsami kschissichtik. 

Children also they-play, they-play-games, but more it-is-good not exceedingly they-do-not-take-care unless their-parents they-are-pleased-about-it.  Enough could they-run-fast, they-(could)-begin-to-run, so-that-will they-rest they-are-weary, so-that-will not excessively they-(will)-not-be-hot.

Wingi witawemachtit Kikeyjuwawall woak hitta koecu witahemawall wulapemquo nan {? nen} allowiwi wulihilleu, woak Kikeyak abtschi nitatelachtit koecu mikindamichtit, nan {? nen} majawi wulihilleu.

Gladly they-accompany-them their-parents and skillfully a-thing they-help-them that-which-is-practical that more it-is-good, and old-people always they-are-able-to-do-something-for-them a-thing they-work-it, that rightly it-is-good.


§. 9.
Allachimoagan woak majawi hokeyiwi Latschachtowoaganink gachtalquot.  Tamse auwen wiquihhilleu quonna atta mikemossique:  schuk mikemossite allowiwi.  Alamikemossite nan {? nen} luwundasik Allachimoagan.  Schuk alapennauwelendanke wtellewundamen Gauwiwoagan.  Nan Patamawos nihillatschi wulinamenep, wentschitsch hokey,  Wtschitschank tschitanilawemguk woak kikewihhillat. 
Rest also rightly of-the-body of-the-care it-is-desirable.  Sometimes a-person he-is-weary even-if not if-he-does-not-work:  but if-he-works more.  When-he-ceases-to-work that it-is-called rest.  But when-he-ceases-to-consider-things he-calls-it sleep.  That-One God Himself He-liked-it, so-that-will his-body, his-soul He-strengthens-him and He-is-lively.

Palsite woak koecu linete auwen wentschi atta kaski gewik nan {? nen} matta wulilewi.  Newentschi npennauwelendameneen Gauwiwoagan Patamawos Achgettemagelowoagan wentschi genamank.  Schuk eli woak tamse Gauwiwoaganink Medhik meschikaguna, nemamilaneen kakeyina Gauwijenk wtellitsch pennauwelemukquenk woak tappalquenk. 

If-he-is-sick and a-thing if-he-is-feverish a-person so-that not able-to he-is-not-(able-to)-sleep that not it-is-not-a-good-time.  Therefore we-consider-it sleep God (His)-mercy so-that we-thank-Him.  But as also sometimes in-sleep evil it-draws-near-us, {we-give-it-to-them} ourselves we-sleep that-He-will He-(will)-consider-us and He-(will)-maintain-us.

Amemensak getta gewichtit schita gauwohachtit, woak matta schawi gewichtik; wulihhilleu Wdehinink pennauwelendamichtit elissichtitup, elauchsichtitup gigischquike, wtendatsch winuwammachtit Pakitatamawachtowoagan untschi wemi Tschanauchsowoagan, wtendatsch schawi gewichtit Wulangundowoaganink. 

Children want-to they-(want-to)-sleep or {they-try-to-sleep}, and not immediately they-do-not-sleep; it-is-good in-the-heart they-consider-it how-they-acted, how-they-lived when-it-was-the-day-past, when-they-will they-(will)-request forgiveness from every fault, when-they-will immediately they-(will)-sleep in-peace.

Wtenda meschatamichtit elgiqui achgettemagelit, woak majawi eli hokewawunk wundangellenep woak omocum sogahhellep.  Nan wulihilleu lilenichtit [108] clammiechen Achquiwanissink, eli palliechgun sopiechinhittite.  Togihhillachtit wulelendamowi amuiwak, woak wangomawawall Kikeyjumowawall woak takanik epitschik woapanachenawall. 

When-they they-remember-it like-as He-is-merciful, and rightly as for-themselves he-died-for and his-blood it-was-spilled.  That it-is-good they-are-accustomed [108] to-lie-still in-the-blankets, as {it-is-done-wrongly} {if-they-lie-naked}.  They-wake-up joyfully they-arise, and they-greet-them their-parents and others where-they-are {they-wish-them-good-morning}.

Schuk tan eet linaquot Wulapanachen?  Jesus Christ Wulangundowoaganink, Witauchsundowoaganink wulamallessink.  Gamenowinenk mchelen talli leu, Amemensak togihhillachtit, Ochuwawunk woak Gohessowawunk nischitquinewo, Wulapensowoagan winuwewak.  Nik aschite Wunachk Wilink wdatawanewo, wtellanewo:  Nihillalquonk wulapensohalqui.

But how perhaps does-it-appear it-is-a-good-morning?  Jesus Christ in-peace, in-fellowship in-good-health.  On-the-other-side-of-the-great-sea {i.e., in-England} many-times there it-is-so, children they-wake-up, to-their-fathers and to-their-mothers they-kneel-down, a-blessing they-ask-for.  Those then the-hand on-the-head they-put-it-down, they-say-to-them:  Our-Lord bless-you.

§. 10.
Ehoalachgik Amemenstook, katschi wonissihek eli nachpijek Medhik schuk metenukguwa kakeyjuwawunk, Ktschitschanguwawunk, elsichtit wemi ju enda lauchsit.  Tamse ekenutink woak wundamen pallachpuwi Amemensak; schuk jun majawi leu:  Amemensak tepalgussichtit wentschi matta nemochtik elgiqui machtschileek enda Nallowauchsink;
You-who-are-beloved O-little-children, don’t do-not-forget how you-are-by-nature evil but {it-fills-you} in-your-bodies, in-your-souls, as-they-do every here where he-lives {i.e., “man”}.  Sometimes one-who-talks-about-it also {declares-it} innocent (are) children; but this rightly it-is-so:  Children {they-are-maintained} so-that not they-do-not-see like-as it-is-a-bad-time where there-is-heathenism;

matta owoatowunewo elek Mattauchsowoagan woak esquo koecu palllilissiwiwak Schuk litehajenque Amemensak nachpikiwi nihillatschi kschiechauchsichtit, woak hokewawunk Wtschitschanguwawunk matta nachpauchsichtique Medhik, nan {? nen} schachachki atta lewi. 

not they-do-not-know-it as-it-is sin and not-yet a-thing they-do-not-do-amiss but if-we-think children by-nature themselves they-are-holy, and in-their-bodies in-their-souls not if-they-do-not-possess evil, that surely not it-is-not-so.

Ntitechquo Nihillalquonk Patamaona nan Mosesall [109] pemmetonhalate, wundamauwate nihillatschi hokey elgiqui wulilissit, gettemagelit woak wingi pehowet, ikalissi laptoneu;  matta {Z., mattau} auwen pallachpuwi ni elinquechinak.  Getanittowit elinquechink atta auwen pelachpique elaptonetup, na woak Amemensak matta pallachpiwiwak elinquechink. 

Because our-Lord our-God That-One Moses [109] when-He-preaches-to-him, when-He-declares-it-to-him Himself His-body like-as He-does-good, He-is-merciful and gladly He-waits, further He-speaks-thus; not a-person he-is-not-innocent Me in-My-presence.  The-Great-Spirit in-His-presence not a-person when-he-is-not-innocent as-He-spoke, then also children not they-are-not-innocent in-His-presence.

Patamawos Nihillalquonk laptonete:  Ju enda lauchsit Openauwelendamoaganowa woak Wtajandamoaganowa Wdehinink machtitsu Amemensink untschi woak abtschi; na woak Amemensak witachkinsowak.

God our-Lord when-He-speaks-thus:  Here where he-lives {i.e., “mankind”} their-consideration and their-desire in-the-heart it-is-bad of-children of also always; then also children {they-are-counted-among-(them)}.
Newentschi ehoalachgik Amemenstook; natenummook, glistamook elquek, kepewo eli Matschilissijek.  Jun elauchsijenk tamse laptonenk:  Wo Lenno schita Ochque wulilissu tat Amemens.  Schuk ika witsche hattonke Pemauchsohalquenk elaptonetup: 
Therefore you-who-are-beloved O-little-children; take-it, listen-to-it what-He-says-to-you, you-likewise as you-behave-badly.  This how-we-live sometimes people-speak-thus:  This man or woman he-(or she)-does-good as-if a-child.  But there with if-it-is-placed our-Savior as-he-spoke:

Atta auwen wulilissiwi schuk Mejauchsit Patamawos nan wemi koecu nihillatamen; wtenda {? enda} neichquot elaptonenk:  wulilissin tat Amemens schuk undachqui nostaquot:  Na Lenno wtellsin Amemens elsit, matta hokenk hattewi koecu  nechanaquo.

Not a-person he-does-not-do-good only one God That-One every thing He-owns-it; when it-is-seen as-we-speak:  to-do-good as-if a-child but this-way it-is-understood:  That man he-does-so a-child as-he-does, not in-himself it-is-not-there a-thing {that-which-is-dangerous}.
Schuk ta leu, Pemauchsohalquenk wentschi latup Gegegimatschil, laptonete; Mattatsch gluppijeque woak lissihhimotsch Amemensak elsichtit, mattatsch gemattemikenewo Awossagame Sakimawoagan?  Nachgutink:  Pemauchsohalquenk wunatenap Amemens woak wunipalan Gegegimatschil [110] epichtit, nik pominehotopanik, necamawa auwen Mechakilinde woak allowiwi machelemuxite. 
But indeed is-it-so, our-Lord therefore he-said-to-them his-disciples, when-he-speaks-thus; Not-will if-you-(will)-(not)-turn-around and you-will-do-so children as-they-do, not-will you-enter-it Heaven the-Kingdom?  Answer:  Our-Lord he-took-him a-child and he-stands-him-up his-disciples [110] where-they-are, those those-who-dispute-with-one-another, they a-person {when-he-is-made-big} and more when-he-is-honored.

Tenktitischik Amemensak esquo taachgenemowunewo woak esquo owoatowunewo elinaquo Medhik.  Ktemaki Ehagihetschil Amementit woak wtelgilen Sakima Wunitschanall nischiwi lemattachpichtite, eliwi atta owoatowunewo Tpissowoagan.  Elinaxichtit Amementittak wulelendamoak elatschahind juke gischquik woak atta lachauwelendamowunewo tatsch elek alappa.  Matta wulelensiwi litehewiwak. 

Those-who-are-little children not-yet {they-are-not-aware} and not-yet they-do-not-know-it as-it-appears evil.  A-poor planter (his)-little-child also {he-is-like-as} a-king his-child the-two when-they-sit, both not they-do-not-know-it {a-difference}.  As-they-appear the-little-children they-are-glad-about-it as-they-are-nourished now (to)day and not they-are-not-concerned-about-it indeed-will as-it-(will)-be tomorrow.  Not proudly they-do-not-think.

Ndellowehump tenktititschik Amemensak esquo taachgenemowunewo, woak nesquo aspihhillewi Medhik nachpikichtit.  Schuk allemikichtit endchi Gachtin ikalissi neichquot, eli Adam pennihhillep untschi nachpijenk schuk Mattauchsowoagan woak metenukquonk Medhik. 

I-said those-who-are-little children not-yet {they-are-not-aware-of-it}, and not-yet it-does-not-come-up the-evil they-are-by-nature.  But they-grow as-much-as a-year further it-is-seen, as Adam he-fell-down therefore we-are-by-nature only sin and {it-fills-us} the-evil.

Penauwelendameque nihillatschi kakeyjuwa ktelinamenewotsch li leu; woak a ktelinawawaktsch nik Quitauchsomatschik:  wtenda {?enda} aspihhilleu Nachpikiwoagan, Achtschinkhewoagan, Machtschilitehewoagan, Mindawewoagan, Manunxowoagan, hokey Ahoatamoagan, Schingaltowoagan, Pallistamoewoagan, Nolhandewoagan, Achgiguwewoagan, Glonewoagan, Machtschiluppoewoagan,

If-you-consider yourselves your-bodies you-will-observe-it thus it-is-so; and would you-observe-them-in-the-future those your-companions:  when-it it-comes-up nature, disobedience, evil-thinking, discontentment, anger, body esteem, hatred, disbelief, laziness, nonsense, lying, hypocrisy,

woak a tepi ikalissi wundamen matschilissichtit Amemensak bischik Kikeyjuwawall Wulistamoewoaganink lauchsichtit, nik Wunitschanowawak husca wingi lohamauwawak lauchsin Patamawos welelendank. 

and would enough further show-it they-do-evil children to-be-sure their-parents in-faith they-live, those their-children exceedingly gladly they-show-it-to-them to-live God (as) He-is-glad-about-it.

[111]  Newentschi leu, wemi ju enda lauchsit Mattauchsowoagan schuk metenukgun petschi Anglowoaganink, woak Christ atta paakpanne Pemhakamigek, atta nateninkpanne nhakena Schewek, woak Pallawewoagan wtinnemo wengup [Z., wtinnemowengup], hallemii Mboagan achogaquengup. 

[111] Therefore it-is-so, every here where he-lives {i.e., “man”} sin only {it-fills-him} unto death-unto, and Christ not if-he-did-not-come (to) the-world, not if-he-did-not-accept-it ourselves {the-weakness}, and transgression {he-pulls-it-up} he-came-for, eternal death {? it-cut-us-off-hard}.

Ehoalachgik Amemenstook, jun katschi haschi wonnessihek, katschi haschi wulilitehakek untschi kakeyjuwa, schita ktelli allowiwi wulilissijek nachpijek elsichtit wemi ju enda lauchsit; schuk untschi wdehiwi genamank Pemauchsohalquenk eli kakena wundangellennep woak Omocum sogahellep,

You-who-are-loved O-little-children, this don’t ever do-not-forget, don’t ever do-not-think-well of yourself, or that-you more you-behave-well you-are-by-nature than-they-act every here where he-lives {i.e., “man”}; but from from-the-heart we-thank-him our-Savior as ourselves he-died-for and his-blood it-was-spilled,

eli nejundamenep Npallawewoaganena woak awendamenep niluna patatoneen, woak eli mawindamenep kakeyina li Getanittowitink, wentschi juke Wdamemensemuxijenk ehoalat untschi Christ Jesussink; woak Amemensak juke milachtit Wdehuwa necamatsch pilsohalat untschi wemi Niskauchsowoagan. 

as he-carried-it-on-his-back our-transgression and he-suffered-pain we we-earned, and as {he-reconciled} ourselves to to-the-Great-Spirit, so-that now we-
are-like-His-children He-Who-loves-him from Christ Jesus-from; and children now they-give-it-to-him their-hearts He-will He-(will)-make-them-pure from all {unclean-living}. 

Nanne woak Amemensak milgussowak wentschi gischitehachtit:  Atta a tschitsch natschitowi gachtau Medhik, matta a ngatta Schiwilawehawi Pemauchsohalit; matta tschitsch nuwingelendamowi Matschilitehewoagan wentschi schuk nemachtatohan nhakey,

Then also children they-are-given-it so-that they-decide:  Not could once-more I-(could)-not-engage-in {want-to} (do) evil, not could I-want-to not-grieve-him the-Savior; not once-more I-do-not-delight-in-it evil-thinking so-that only {I-make-him-unhappy} myself,

matta ngatta meken nhakey Mattauchsowoaganink li, schuk allowiwi ngatta wulilawehan, machelemoachgeniman untschi nhakenk woak Ntschitschangunk; Patamawos Achgettemagelowoagan woak [112] Wulapensowoagan untschi nolsittam woak nawingitsch lissin koecu linke. 

not I-want-to surrender my-body to-sin to, but more I-want-to comfort-Him, to-honor-and-praise-Him from from-myself and from-my-soul; God (His)-mercy and [112] blessing therefore I-believe and I-will-gladly do-so a-thing when-they-tell-me.

Amemens elsit gunigischuk patamauwe:  ktemagelemil, apendellil geschiechek Ktamemensuwoagan, pilsohalil endchi Gachtin seki Amemensija, milil wentschi anenawi lissija Amemens Jesus elsitup hakink ta lauchsitup.

A-child as-he-does daily {he-prays}:  be-mericiful, make-me-a-partaker that-which-is-holy your-childhood, purify-me as-many-as years so-long-as I-am-a-child, give-it-to-me so-that by-degrees I-do-so the-child Jesus as-he-did on-Earth how he-lived.

§. 11.
Woak kpennauwelemukuwa ehoalachgik Amemenstook, allohumagejek wemi koecu wulapendamek seki ta lauchsijek.  Skulink talli ktellohumagehhimo Mamalekhican achkindike, lekhiken woak wemi koecu wentschi woatawek wundapensijek seki hakink ta lauchsijek. 
And He-considers-you you-who-are-loved O-little-children, you-are-shown every thing you-find-useful so-long-as indeed you-live.  In-school in you-are-shown writing as-you-read, to-write and every thing so-that you-know-it you-enjoy-from so-long-as on-the-Earth indeed you-live-so.

Newentschi wulit elamachpijek, wuliglistamek, pennauwelendameque endchi lukquek woak lohumaquek.  Kehella wulelendamowinaquot nenke Amemensak sculink wulappichtit, linquechinhittit Gegegimat endchi lat glistauwachtit.  Amemensak wingi gigitowak woak a untschi Tpiwoagan, Pennawachtowoagan nostawachtowak. 

Therefore it-is-good {you-who-stay-inside}, you-listen-well, if-you-consider-it as-much-as he-tells-you and he-shows-you.  Indeed it-appears-joyful when-he-sees-it children in-school {they-are-well-situated}, they-look-at-it he-who-teaches as-much-as he-tells-them they-listen-to-him.  Children gladly {they-talk} and would by {signalling}, looking-at-one-another they-understand-each-other.

Jun a lissichtite sculink talli, matta schuk nihillatschi hokey lachauolewewak schuk woak takanik.  Amemensak woak wingi abtschi wtschucquiwak Wigatowawall, woak Wunachguwawall, woak Wulenschganall untschi wingi papapoak.  Allowiwi wulit ponelendamichtit jun enda sculink. 

This would if-they-(would)-do-so in-school in, not only themselves himself they-do-not-(only)-interrupt, but also others.  Children also gladly always they-are-moving their-legs, and their-arms, and their-fingers therefore gladly they-continually-play.  More it-is-good they-give-it-up this when there-is-school.

Ulaha jukella wemi ta epijek wulilissijek, [113] Tgauchsowoagan nachpauchsijek.  Auchsowoagan, Wijagasksowoagan, Mattaptonagan li wemi auwen katschi {? Atta} pendaquachtowek.  Woak Amemensak migundichtit abtschi leketsch Ahoaltowoaganink, Tgauchsowoaganink.

Better oh-that all indeed where-you-are you-behave-well, [113] gentility you-enjoy-it.  Wildness, unruliness, rough-speaking toward every person not {it-is-not-to-be-heard}.  And children they-remind-one-another always let-it-be-so in-love, in-gentility.

§. 12.
Amemensak woak tamse palsowak.  Nantsch {? Nannetsch or Natsch} Patamawos Wunachgink untschi wunatenumenewo Palsowoagan. Eli necama wemi koecu nihillatamen, woak atta ngutti Tscholentit hakink pennihhillewi matta necama litehaque. 
Children also sometimes they-are-sick.  Then-will God from-His-hand from they-accept-it the-sickness.  As He every thing He-owns-it, and not one little-bird to-the-ground he-does-not-fall-down not He if-He-does-not-think-so.

Tenktititschik Amemensak lepakuwak winamallsichtit; schuk mengilgik tepi wundamenewo koecu linechtit, wilinechtit, Wachtenechtit, schita Wipitinewo, schita Wuschginquall, Hittawakall winamandamichtit, schita pili koecu.  Nanne woak menahhan Amemensak wentschitsch eksasamallessichtit woak kikechtit, nan luwundasik Nbeson schita Wuladhakawanink. 

Those-who-are-little children they-weep they-feel-pain; but those-who-are-big enough they-declare-it the-thing they-have-a-fever, they-have-a-headache, they-have-a-bellyache, or they-have-a-toothache, or the-eyes, the-ears they-feel-sore, or another thing.  So also giving-them-medicine children so-that-will they-feel-better and they-mend-in-health, that it-is-called medicine or good-physic.

Nan tamse matta wulipoquottowi, schita tamse machtschipoquot, schuk ijabtschi wulit Amemensak wingi menechtit.  Ijabtschi wemi Witahendowoagan, Kikewoagan wemowik Patamawossink, wentschi wulihilleu necama nhagahachtit woak pehachtit shaki necama wulinanke lappi wulamallessichtit. 

Then sometimes not it-does-not-taste-good, or sometimes it-tastes-bad, but still it-is-good children willingly they-drink-it.  Still every help, healing it-comes-from from-God, so-that it-is-good Him they-trust-(in)-Him and they-wait until He when-He-likes-it again they-feel-well.

Amemensak awullsittamichtit, tgauchsichtit seki winamallsichtit, [114] nihillatschitsch wdapuichtonewo hokewawall woak takanik witawematschik.  Wentschi kaski lissichtit liechgussowaktsch Patamawos mamschalachtit winuwamachtit.  Metschi lappi kikechtit, untschi genamoak Nihillalquonk.

Children they-are-obedient, they-are-gentle so-long they-feel-pain, [114] themselves-will they-make-them-easy their-bodies and others those-who-accompany-them.  Therefore able-to they-are-(able-to)-do-so they-will-be-treated-so God they-remember-Him they-beseech-Him.  Already again they-mend-in-health, therefore they-thank-Him our-Lord.

§. 13.
Amemensak katschitsch {? attatsch} wonnissichtik eli matta schuk hokeyichtit, schuk woak hokewawunk eli Wtschitschank wdappitaguwak.  Matta a hittawi pennauwelendamowek schita aptonewek, matta nemowek, pendamowek, amandamowek, mellamowek woak atta meschandamowek matta Wtschitschank kakewawunk wdappitaqueque. 
Children not-will they-(will)-not-forget how not only are-they-embodied, but also in-their-bodies as His-Spirit He-abides-in-them.  Not could skillfully you-(could)-not-consider or you-(could)-not-speak, not you-(could)-not-see, you-(could)-not-hear, you-(could)-not-feel, you-(could)-not-smell and not you-(could)-not-taste not His-Spirit in-yourselves if-He-does-not-abide-in-you.

Juke elgiqui Welsit Mtschitschank wingi pilsohalat Wtschitschank woak guschiechihat untschi wemi Niskauchsowoagan Patamawos matta welelendank; woak wtelgiqui gottatamen Amemensak Nihillalquonquall milachtit hokeyjuwawall, Wdehuwawall, wentschitsch pommauchsohet, pilsohet, anenawitsch lissichtit necama eli wulelendank. 

Now like-as the-Holy Spirit gladly He-purifies-him his-soul and He-washes-him of all unclean-living God not  {that-which-He-is-(not)-glad-about}; and like-as-He He-desires-it children our-Lord they-give-them-to-him their-bodies, their-hearts, so-that-will He-make-them-live, He-(will)-purify-them, by-degrees-will they-do-so He as He-is-glad-about-it.

Woak elgiqui Wachtuchwepi woak Wtschitschank nachpikiwi schuk Medhik metenukgun petschi Anglowoaganink; na woak wtelgiqui Wachtuchwepi woak Wtschitschank lappi wulamallessohalgussu kikeuchgussu untschi Jesus Christ allouchsuwi Goktemagelowoagan.

And like-as the-corporeal-body and his-soul by-nature only evil {it-fills-him} unto unto-death; then also like-as-he the-corporeal-body and his-soul again he-is-made-well he-is-healed by Jesus Christ powerful his-(powerful)-mercy.


§. 14.
Kiluwa Amemenstook Pemauchsohalquengunk tschitanappijek, nantsch wunatenawall Ktschitschanguwa hokenk epit, endatsch wdappin hallamagamik Nihillalquongunk.  Hokey metschi alalechet allamhakink wtauwunasu, endatsch alachimo shaki Pemauchsohalquenk lappi togenat woak pommauchsohalat. 
You O-little-children in-our-Savior you-are-strong, that-one-will he-(will)-take-them your-souls to-himself where-he-is, where-will he-be-there forever in-our-Lord.  His-body already he-expires inside-the-ground he-is-buried, where-will he-rest until our-Savior again he-wakes-him and he-makes-him-live.

Schuk nannetsch wdelihan jun hokey nenapalek wentschitsch wdallowilissin, wtelgiquitsch wulilinaxin juke atta petschitehawenk.  Ntitechquo necama Pemauchsohalquenk juke elgiqui eluwilissit.  Gischachteu Gischuk {? Gischuch} elgiqui gischachtek.  Na woaktsch ndeliechguna kakeyina wentschitsch linaxichtit necama elinaxit.

But then-will he-do-it-to-him this his-body good-for-nothing so-that-will he-do-more, like-as-he-will appear-well now not we-do-not-think-so-far.  Because He our-Savior (is) now like-as the-Holy-One.  He-shines the-Sun like-as he-shines.  That-one also-will he-do-it-to-us our-bodies so-that-will they-appear-so he as-he-appears.


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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

For those who wish to see Spangenberg's original German work, which is translated, here, into Delaware by Zeisberger, you can find it here:

http://bdhp.moravian.edu/education/spbo … rbod01.htm

This site also includes a link to an English translation from the German.



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

Wow, that is long, thank you! I've read about 1/4 so far. That's awesome. In a couple of places, but only in 2 so far, do I see doctrine, oh,  particuliar to what ever denomination Zeisberger was, but the rest of it that I've read, has an innocence about it.
I want to come back and read the rest.



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

Awesome Sschkaak!!  Kehela Wanishi!!!



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

Chevy wrote:

Wow, that is long, thank you! I've read about 1/4 so far. That's awesome. In a couple of places, but only in 2 so far, do I see doctrine, oh,  particuliar to what ever denomination Zeisberger was, but the rest of it that I've read, has an innocence about it.
I want to come back and read the rest.

This is actually one of the shorter works translated this year.  LOL!  Spangenberg and Zeisberger were both Moravians (Unitas Fratrum).  Zeisberger was a missionary who lived with the Delaware, continuously, for about fifty years, and served on the Great Council of the Delaware Nation in Ohio.  The Moravians were, of course, Christians, but the only strong "doctrine" I noticed in this particular essay was "original sin."  Hey!  They believe in that.  smileneutral  There might be more dogma I've missed, but, all in all, it's a great source of vocabulary.



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

lenape wrote:

Awesome Sschkaak!!  Kehela Wanishi!!!

Juch!  Anischi!  Zeisberger's grammar seems a little "shaky" at times.  For instance, I don't think he makes enough use of the subjunctive and changed conjunct moods (though some of that could reflect the Delaware idiom).  In a couple places, he uses a singular subject or object verb where one would expect a plural, and he might use the wrong gender, once or twice.  However, all in all, the meaning comes through quite clearly.

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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

Oh, to me it was the word "worthy".
To me, that can put on persons the feeling that they have to live a way, that humans can't measure up to. But it can just be an exhortation.
Well, hey, if a person was a Christian, or is, original sin is definitely a Christian belief. smile
But what I really noticed is the innocence, and there's a lot of grace in it.
Just totally awesome. Thank you.



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

sschkaak wrote:

lenape wrote:

Awesome Sschkaak!!  Kehela Wanishi!!!

Juch!  Anischi!  Zeisberger's grammar seems a little "shaky" at times.  For instance, I don't think he makes enough use of the subjunctive mood (though some of that could reflect the Delaware idiom).  In a couple places, he uses a singular subject or object verb where one would expect a plural, and he might use the wrong gender, once or twice.  However, all in all, the meaning comes through quite clearly.

hehehe, you just answered my message I was composing, LOL!



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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

LOL!  I just edited my post to include the changed conjunct mood.  As I said, though, this might reflect the idiom in use at that time.

I should also note that the numbers inside brackets [ ] are the page numbers of the book in which this work was printed.  It was published as an appendix to Zeisberger's Sermons to Children, Philadelphia (1803).

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Re: And now, for something entirely different...

This is really something. Hats off to being fortunate enough to comprehend it the way is was meant to be read.

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Everything I do is for my grandmother for without her, I wouldn't be here today.


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