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CNO Cultural Site

Cherokee Nation Cultural site

Information provided in the following Culture pages are provided mainly in part by the Cultural Resources Center of the Cherokee Nation. For further info on subject matter please contact cultural@cherokee.org. please note that Cultural information may vary from clan to clan, location to location, family to family, and from differing opinions and experiences. Information provided here are not 'etched in stone'.

Cherokee Culture- Here you will find all sorts of information from recipes to ceremonies to arts and general information. This is where curiosity begins so check it out.
           Cherokee Arts
           General Cultural Information

Cherokee History- This is where you will find information on the history of the Cherokee Nation and of the Cherokee People. Here we have historical facts, biographies, information on chiefs, historical event and sites as well as historical information during the Trail of Tears era. This is where you cal look when doing more extensive research.
           Historical Facts
           Historical Events
           Historical Sites
           Trail of Tears Era

Cherokee Language- Want to learn the Cherokee Language? This is a great place to start and get your feet wet. There are many lessons and examples to learn from as well as sound recording.

Dikaneisdi (Word List)- We have over 7,000 words to search from in this translation reference. Type in an English word and get the Cherokee translation. Listed to the word while you read it in the Cherokee syllabary. This is a great reference for learning the Cherokee Language.

Downloads- Check out some of our downloads. This is where you can find the Cherokee Font, music MP3's in the Cherokee Language and even a screen saver or two.

Kids Corner - This area will help you to answer many of those general questions that you may have. A great resource for school reports or general knowledge.
           Frequently Asked Questions
           Traditional Stories

Literature - Every culture has stories and myths of the past. Here you can read a few from the Cherokee perspective in our collection of traditional stories. You will also find a bibliography of published works on the Cherokee people.
           Cherokee Messenger
           Traditional Stories

Radio Show - Cherokee Nation radio show includes music in the Cherokee language, interviews with Cherokee elders and information on programs that the Cherokee Nation has to offer, as well as the latest Cherokee Nation community news.

This area is an ongoing project. We will add information on a continual basis so please check back regularly for updates.




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