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There are several points that should be made about herbs:

1. Always check with your doctor about allergies and medication reactions.
2. Herbs are not substitutes for medications for major illnesses. If you are diabetic, have heart disease or suffer other major illnesses please don't try to substitute herbs. Not every herb is right for someone and there is no super "cure all".
3. Do not take herbs as "preventative medicine". They can help with some problems but if you take them to prevent problems you can build up resistance just like drugs. Nothing beats a healthly diet for prevention.
4. Some herbs contain very high concentrations of vitamins and minerals such as iron and vitamin A and purgatives like oxyalic acid. You can overdose on vitamins and minerals such as these or ruin your stomach with purges and make yourself sick. Remember the "law of the minimal". Don't overdo it. wink

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Re: Precautions

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Re: Precautions

Our modern wonder drugs, laboratories, and equipment have obscured more primitive types of medicine involving determination, common sense, and a few simple treatments. In many areas of the world, however, the people still depend on local "witch doctors" or healers to cure their ailments. Many of the herbs (plants) and treatments they use are as effective as the most modern medications available. In fact, many modern medications come from refined herbs.

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