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Mohawk update

I'll try to keep this up till Mark gets back if that's ok!

MNN Summary: Hazel’s great update, May 7, 2007

The Queen certainly wasn't in the parlor eating bread and honey. The Prince wasn't counting all the money. Both Crown reps are on Turtle Island trying to put their big feet on our land again. Getting rid of the “Head” must be done under the constellation of the 'Swordsman' holding the 'head' of Medusa!

Is the British Crown here to repeat the brutal steps they took to undermine the Onkwehonweh and reconfirm their theft of our authority on Turtle Island?

The Queen has come to Jamestown Virginia, the first settlement of the 13 “colonies”. At the same time Prince Andrew is coming to Cambridge Ontario which is on the “Haldimand Tract”. This is where the 'crystal skull' resides.

Is this a co-incidence?

The Onkwehonweh are the true sovereigns. We are the embodiment of the Original League of Nations brought together by the Peacemaker, Dekanawida. We are also known as the “Haudenosaunee” or the “Iroquois Confederacy”. We are the part of Creation with responsibility to take care of the lands and animals in this part of the world. This obligation was blocked many generations ago.

Enough! We have stood before Creation and re-affirmed our responsibilities to protect our land, our law, and our people. The Crown has not fooled Creation. Re-tracing their ancestral footsteps and claiming our homelands does not make it theirs. Your first attempt was a failure. This one will be too!

Yesterday, our Clanmothers welcomed Aborigine visitors from the Wiradjuri Nation from Australia. They gave us a flag to fly with those of our many supporters at Kanonhstaton. They have been fighting a mining company that has desecrated their traditional lands.

The Wiradjuri told us of the cultural genocide that the colonists have inflicted on them. They suffered extinguishment of their sacred fire, massacres, murders and the kidnapping of their people who were placed into “mission stations”. They called these “concentration camps”. In Canada they were “residential schools”.

Other visitors from Bolivia, Venezuala, Cuba, Columbia, and the many e-mails we receive tell the same story. Geography is the only difference.

They refer to the earth as their mother. Water as the earths lifes' blood. Their appearance here is not a co-incidence. They have traced the roots back to the Tree of Peace, to the true “League of Nations”. We pledged to stand together in Unity and Peace with all of our Onkwehonweh Brothers and Sister throughout the World. We are One! It was a good day.

Regarding the Land “Negotiations” between Six Nations and Canada/ Ontario, the feds have requested 6 months to prepare [create] their documents to make their claim to our lands, Kanonhstaton and the Plank Road lands. The feds are saying the lands “negotiation” is taking a long time “because of the internal governance processes of the Haudenosaunee”.

The feds requested this time! The feds want to mislead the public into believing they don’t have any research on these lands. The Six Nations elected council brought research to them many years ago which ended up in litigation [in the colonial court]. The Crown should have been preparing to resolve them.

The Six Nations research team is ready and waiting. Kanonhstaton might seem confusing if you're not present at the discussions. There was no legal surrender. The Crown relies on minutes of a meeting in 1844. At first they referred to a purported surrender document of 1841. Then one of their historians said it was irrelevant. Now they’re using it as part of their evidence. So which is it?

The Six Nations maintain that the so-called surrender, the minutes of the meetings and the other tabled documents show that the intent of the Crown was, and continues to be, to encourage squatters onto our lands. They tell us they were offered first chance at the lands in exchange for clearing it for the Plank Road. They issued patents without our knowledge and consent. It’s not legal by anyone's laws!

Some monies might have been paid toward the former “Douglas Creek” lands, which we’ve reclaimed. That money appears to have never benefited the Six Nations. There is evidence that the Indian Agents/Crown representatives took these lease monies, put them into the Trust Account, then immediately took them out and gave them to the Crown’s for their use and benefit.

According to our law we could not sell this land. How does this work? Sell your neighbor’s property, draw up a phony agreement, issue your own patent to the new owner, then spend the money instead of giving it to your neighbor!

To them “native” that we don’t have human rights. The Crown pretends to know what is better for us because it has the “high hand” over us. The Crown purports to be educated, “civilized” [if you call lying, cheating and stealing civilized], religious and with superior laws.

The Onkwehonweh Law, Traditions and Customs were in existence long before Europeans invaded our lands. Our government structure, ceremonies and traditions are part of Creation. Not man-made to control.

There is evidence that the whole town of Caledonia as well as many other lots in the area were never paid for. The federal government should tell the mayor and the residents, “By the way, we forgot to tell you that we may not have paid for the town of Caledonia. Sorry guys. We made a mistake”. If I were a taxpayer in Caledonia or in any of the other towns/townships along the Grand River, I'd be demanding answers.

Six Nations gave the Crown 30 days to come back with an offer on three unsettled lands for which the Crown has already acknowledged liability for. To side track us, the Crown asked if they could pursue other areas. They want us to wait for their research team to finalize information on Kanonhstaton. We agreed to let them go ahead and look at more of our land, the Welland Canal, the Burtch Lands and lands known as Block 5, or Moulton Township.

David Peterson’s unkept promise is that the Burtch Lands would be returned after the barricades came down last May 24th 2006. The Welland Canal was a result of the flooding of our lands for which the Crown admitted responsibility. Moulton Township, also known as Block 5, is one of the original lease agreements set up during Joseph Brant's time, for perpetual care and maintenance. The Crown admitted they broke the lease back in the 1800's and that they are liable. An insulting settlement offer was made to the elected band council (around 1992). Nothing has happened since.

We also just learned that the lead “negotiator” for Ontario, Jane Stewart, is being replaced by Murray Cooligan, an “expert” on the specific 'claims' process. [He knows “specifically” how we got robbed and will try to keep it under his hat!]

For the last year we’ve told the Crown that we are NOT sitting at the table according to Canada's colonial laws nor any colonial land claims process. We are here according to ancient customs and treaties, the Two Row and our legitimate Nation-to-Nation relationship. NOTHING at the table has to do with Department of Justice Positions or Specific Claims Processes.

Why weren’t Cooligan’s “expert” knowledge of our land rights brought in at the beginning? The Crown admits it is a year of stalling! Rather than wasting another $350,000+, it's time to bring in an international neutral mediator agreeable to both sides.

Canada now appears to admit its own justice department can’t enter Nation-to-Nation dialogue because Canada is not a Nation. At the most they are a “nation state”. At the table they could not acknowledge that our dialogue was Nation-to-Nation.

Minister Ramsay of the Ontario government admitted on national television that one of the reasons for their difficulties is that "we are dealing with a Sovereign Nation". He acknowledged we are NOT Canadians.

The Governor General’s position is to represent the Crown. We must go back to the beginning. INSIST on the re-polishing of the Silver Covenant Chain. Cut out the bureaucratic crap! If the Crown wants its Canadian agents to represent them, then they better remind them of protocol!

Some good things are happening on the Grand River tract. The women and other invited the Mohawks from the other communities to our territory this past weekend. Discussed were the environment, our relationship with the earth and teachings about the prophecies. We talked about roles, responsibilities, dialogue and contacts with the other territories to reinforce our nationhood.

There will be a follow up meeting at one of the other territories, perhaps Akwesasne. Also meetings have been conducted within Six Nations specifically, geared toward working together and our relationship with the Confederacy.

The cornerstones within Turtle Island on which the Crown has built its empire are crumbling. What happens to a bridge when the footings are gone? London's Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down...................!

In love, light and peace,



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Re: Mohawk update

EXCELLENT post, thanks!



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Re: Mohawk update

This is a little while back but still stands I'm sure!

From  (Mush-ko-dah-be-shik-eese) Terrance Nelson, Okiijida Society Spokesman and Representative from Canada; National (US) Board of Directors: American Indian Movement

Yellow Alert for Warrior Societies

March 31, 2006
The Okiijida Society is issuing a yellow alert for all Warrior Societies regarding the escalating situation between Mohawks at Six Nations and the Ontario Provincial Police. In 1990, most First Nations were in shock over the Oka crisis. Since 1990, warrior societies have met regularly to plan out a strategy if a similar situation occurred. A yellow alert is a stand by alert issued by warrior societies to their membership on a particular situation. It is also a warning to Canada that the situation is being monitored.

Mohawks at Six Nations issued the following, "At noon, Wednesday, March 29th, four Ontario Provincial Police OPP cruisers were spotted at the nearby Unity Road School, three Jimmys, about 14 to 15 undercover cops, two cruisers side by side above the site and on the other side at Canadian Tire the cruisers face the site directly …We welcome our brothers, sisters, friends and allies with open arms to stand in solidarity with us against this illegal invasion of Six nations Land (Highway 6, Caledonia Ontario)."

In 1990, Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation was the first non Mohawks to blockade to show their support. The warrior societies across Canada agreed to the following on situations like this. 1. To stay in our home territory and monitor the situation. 2. That if bloodshed occurred we would take action in our territories that would include blockades but more importantly, we agreed that in the event of the Canadian army killing indigenous people, we would bring the Canadian economy to a halt. We have made it perfectly clear to Canada that the Treaties gave recognition to the whites to peaceful co-existence. Deliberate bloodshed by Canada is an end to that treaty right.

As the Mohawks stated "The whole issue is jurisdiction and title and we're allies, not subjects,".   Canada must stop using guns to resolve its legal disputes with the Indigenous People.  They know they stole it, they have to give it back."  It will remain to be seen if the Conservatives who were in power in 1990 have learned anything from the Oka crisis.

For Further information contact

Chief Terrance Nelson



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Re: Mohawk update

Mohawk protestor Shawn Brant surrenders to police

Updated Thu. Jul. 5 2007 5:09 PM ET

Canadian Press

NAPANEE, Ont. -- The man who led aboriginal protests that snarled traffic on Canada's busiest highway and blocked a major rail line is in custody after turning himself in to Ontario Provincial Police on Thursday.

"I am handing myself in," Mohawk protester Shawn Brant, 43, told reporters who had gathered outside the provincial police station in this eastern Ontario town for the scheduled surrender.

"It's tough on people. It's hard on the family, it's hard on the kids."

Brant appeared calm as he arrived at the station in a convoy with fatigue-clad supporters and his lawyers, taking questions from reporters before heading towards the detachment.

Accompanied by his lawyer Peter Rosenthal, Brant was arrested at the doors on a warrant stemming from a blockade of Highway 2 near Deseronto, Ont., last Friday during the national aboriginal day of action.

He has been charged with mischief and breach of his bail conditions. Brant had been out on bail on previous charges related to a 30-hour blockade of the CN rail line near Deseronto in April. One of the conditions of his being granted bail was that he not incite or be involved in any type of unlawful protest.

However, his supporters, who have staged a number of demonstrations to protest an outstanding land claim in the area and poor conditions on native reserves, blocked the rail line again last Friday.

Brant has served jail time before for trashing the offices of politicians.

He is also facing a second lawsuit by CN stemming from his group's most recent blockade of the rail line, Rosenthal said.

Brant is expected to appear in a Toronto court on Friday. He was denied bail at a hearing in Napanee on Thursday.

"We're just happy that he's here and we're dealing with the issues and we'll move on," said Const. Jackie Perry. "We're pleased that things were peaceful. Nobody got hurt."

Perry declined to comment on reports that police had tried to arrest Brant before he turned himself in, saying it was part of an ongoing investigation.

While Brant may wind up behind bars, he said a 20-year-old successor is waiting in the wings to continue efforts to raise awareness about aboriginal land claims and poverty.

He said no more protests are imminent, but he hopes his actions thus far will be a catalyst for change.

"We came out clearly that we wanted a new direction on First Nation issues and the crises facing our kids, and we can only hope that our actions cause that to happen," he said.

Before entering the police station, Brant embraced a woman and shook hands with other supporters.

A charge of mischief carries a range of sentence between two and 10 years under the Criminal Code.

http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/s … TVNewsAt11


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Re: Mohawk update

Tyendinaga Mohawk Shawn Brant denied bail

Posted by admin on Jul 6th, 2007
The Intelligencer By Samantha Craggs, Thursday, July 05, 2007

NAPANEE — Not even the honour of Shawn Brant’s mother could keep the Mohawk activist out of jail on new charges of mischief and breach of recognizance. Brant’s mother Deanna, a retired teacher, took the stand at Brant’s bail hearing Thursday, offering a $50,000 surety that Brant would not plan, incite or participate in illegal protests between now and his court date. But Judge DK Kirkland denied bail anyway.

“It would be dangerous for him to be released at this time because he’s said ‘there’s more to come,’” Kirkland said after a nearly three-hour session.

Brant appeared in court seeking bail on the latest in a series of criminal charges, none of which have been proven in court. The earliest stems back to November 2006, when an accidental clash with Canadian military personnel during an otherwise peaceful demonstration near Deseronto led to two charges of assault and one charge of mischief.

Then in April, Brant led a group occupying a Deseronto-area quarry to block the CN Rail line for 30 hours, halting traffic on the busiest rail corridor in eastern Canada.
He was out on bail from that charge when he was the voice of a group of protesters who on June 29, the national aboriginal day of action, blocked County Road 2 protesting First Nations poverty, unresolved land claims and high youth suicide rates, among other issues. That protest also led to the closure of the rail line and a portion of Highway 401. This week’s arrest warrant, OPP say, relates specifically to County Road 2.

Peter Rosenthal, a Toronto-based social justice lawyer representing Brant, argued that conditions now are different from when Brant agreed on May 3 not to plan or participate in illegal protests. For one, Brant has agreed to step back and let native leaders negotiate, Rosenthal said. For another, he would not jeopardize his mother’s word.

“It’s obvious from the testimony that Mrs. Brant is the kind of surety courts look for,” Rosenthal said. “On those grounds alone, you must be satisfied.”

But Crown attorney Bob Morrison was not. Brant’s mother, like everyone else, knew from various media reports that Brant was talking about blocking Highway 401 and did not try to stop him, he said.

Morrison also took Brant to task when he took the stand on his own behalf, bringing up how open Brant was about breaching his May 3 bail conditions.

“You had no intention of ever complying, did you?” Morrison asked.

“Well…” Brant said. “I actually…no.”

Brant said if released on bail, he would not disrespect his mother’s honour “or place her in a position where I did that,” he said. “That’s not who we are.”

At the same time, “I believe we touched people’s hearts” on the national day of action, he said. “I believe for the first time in 125 years, people gave a shit if our kids live or die.”

Brant appeared in court after a negotiated surrender to Napanee OPP Thursday morning. He arrived in a car driven by wife Sue, which also carried Dustin Brant, 20, who Shawn Brant said will be the new speaker of the quarry group.

“I hope they don’t believe putting me in jail puts the issue in jail,” Brant told media before his surrender.

In court, Brant wore a green shirt and camouflage pants and was cuffed at the hands and feet. He listened quietly from the prisoner’s box as the Crown read his own words back to him, citing various media reports where he said the first Highway 401 closure was “just the beginning.” OPP officers set up a metal detector in the stairwell leading to the courtroom, screening spectators for weapons.

Kirkland said he admires civil rights defenders such as Martin Luther King Jr. But blockades and other such tactics, he said, are Black Panther-style militancy. Granting Brant bail would be undermining the court, and doing so would contribute to “chaos,” he said.

“We do need people to protest,” Kirkland said. “We do need Shawn Brants to protest…Taking the law into your own hands, however, violates the order of society and is the beginning of the escalation of violence upon violence.”

About four rows of the court room gallery were filled Brant supporters, many of whom wore camouflage clothing similar to that worn on the day of action.

“Sago!” some of them called to Brant, raising their fists in unison when court was adjourned. Brant raised his fist back as he was led out of the courtroom.

The preliminary hearing will be Aug. 27.




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Re: Mohawk update

From six_nations newsgroup.

Shawn Brant's Bail Review on Prisoner Justice Day
- Message from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

(Tyendinaga MT): On Friday August 10th, lawyers
Peter Rosenthal &
Howard Morton will be arguing a bail review for
Mohawk activist Shawn
Brant.  Shawn was denied bail on July 5th on
charges from the June
29th Aboriginal Day of Action relating to the
closure of the CN main
line, a provincial highway and the 401.

August 10th is also Prisoner Justice Day.  The
roots of Prisoner
Justice Day date back to August 10th, 1975, when
inmates at Millhaven
Institution refused to eat or work in memory of
another inmate who had
died in segregation the year before.  Since then
it has spread nationally
and internationally as a day to acknowledge those
who have died inside
prison walls and those who have fought for the
very few basic human rights
that prisoners currently have.

On August 10th, we ask people to join us at
Shawn's bail review in
Napanee, Ontario to support his bid for release
and to acknowledge the
ongoing struggles of our sisters and brothers in
institutions across
the country.

Friday, August 10th, 2007
Superior Court of Justice Courthouse
97 Thomas Street East, Napanee
2nd Floor Courtroom

Driving Directions from Toronto:

1. Drive HWY-401 east past Belleville, and
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
(approx 2 hours from Toronto).
2. Exit 579 towards NAPANEE.
4. Turn LEFT onto THOMAS ST E.
5. Superior Court is at 97 Thomas Street East


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