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Ehahkiiheet Niipaahum recognized in Munsee Delaware Nation

Ehahkiiheet Niipaahum recognized in Munsee Delaware Nation

http://anishinabeknews.ca/2019/05/27/eh … re-nation/

Posted on May 27, 2019 In Anishinabek, Culture, News

Munsee Delaware Nation hosted a two-day event for Ehahkiiheet Niipaahum (Planting Moon) where participants learned about the Munsee language and history through workshops.

By Ian McCallum

MUNSEE DELAWARE NATION—Over the past few years, a group of Munsee Delaware Nation citizens have come together to share Munsee language, family history and research.

On May 4 and 5, Ehahkiiheet Niipaahum (Planting Moon) was recognized in Munsee Delaware First Nation with community history, culture and language workshops at the Munsee-Delaware Community Centre.

On the Saturday morning, community language teacher Karen Mosko led the group by practicing the Munsee/Lunaape prayer and teaching new phrases and words relating to planting. New resources, including a visual dictionary and books, were used to support language learning.

Owner and Operator of Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens, Terrylynn Brant, discussed gardening on day 2 of the workshops.

Later that Saturday afternoon, Mary Jane McCallum showed archival images and film footage of the Mount Elgin Indian Day School Band (1950s). Maxine Albert and Leroy Dolson, two citizens of the First Nation, answered questions about the community and told stories about the people in the photos and film clips.

Terrylynn Brant, owner and operator of Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens, gave a talk about gardening on Sunday. Her workshop discussion touched on points about being a seedkeeper and her experiences with gardening. Terrylynn shared ways in which to “element" garden which takes into consideration the four elements as well as prophecies and the importance of Indigenous seeds.

Each participant used heirloom corn and bean seeds during the gardening workshop on day 2 of the workshops.

On Sunday afternoon, led by community members Karen Mosko and Ian McCallum, used the language learned the previous day to help the planting process. Each person used heirloom corn and bean seeds from Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens.

The next session will be Saturday June 29 and Sunday June 30. There will be a booth set up to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Munsee Delaware Powwow.

Check out the Facebook page: Munsee Delaware History and Language Group and Twitter: @NLunaape for more information and upcoming events.


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