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Long Island, NY Indians

This is an informative article, with nice pictures and a sound file, if you're able to log into it.  (I wasn't able to copy and paste it.)

https://www.newsday.com/long-island/lon … 1.15265250



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Re: Long Island, NY Indians

Someone asked, in another place, if there are any similarities between the Mohegan-Pequot words listed in this article and Northern Unami words.  The answer is "Yes."  Here are those I see:

kisuq = sky, heaven (M-P) & gischuch = sun, moon, day (NU) [More similar to Munsee, kiishooxkw = sun.]

kon = snow (M-P) & goon = snow (NU)

maci = bad, evil (M-P) & machtschi = bad, evil (NU)

nikoni = first (M-P) & nigani = before, foremost, ahead (NU)

tayosq = bridge (M-P) & tajachquoan = bridge; foot-bridge (NU) [PA theta became S in M-P and CH in NU.]

yopi = again (M-P) & lappi = again (NU) [This shows the Algonquian alternation between Y and L.]

nipun = it is summer (M-P) & nipen = it is summer (NU)

Iyo, wutak nahak nipawiq = Now, stand behind me. (M-P) & Juke, wtenk nhakey nipawik. = Now, stand behind me. (NU)

wuci = of (M-P) & wuntschi = from, of (NU)

Besides these, there are some partial similarities, such as, uqanaqon = rainbow (M-P) & manakquon = rainbow (NU).

Also, there are, undoubtedly, some that would be closer cognates if we traced the history of their phonetic shifts from the original Proto-Algonquian, out of which both languages came.

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