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Another Moravian Christmas Hymn

Gelobet seyst du Jesu Christ

[A Collection of Hymns, for the use of the Christian Indians, of the Missions of the United Brethren, in North America, by David Zeisberger (1803), No. 17.]

(I have added my English word-for-word translation inside parentheses.)

JESU!  machelemuxian,  (Jesus!  you-who-are-honored,)
Amemens m’hittachpian,  (A-child you-who-are-born,)
Untschi Kikochques geschiechsit,  (Of a-maiden she-who-is-holy,)
Enschlak wentschi Wulelendamichtit.  (Angels therefore they-rejoice.)
Hallelujah.  (Hallelujah!)

Wetochwink Quisall El’wussit  (The-Father His-son the-Almighty)
Amocholintschunk epit;  (in-a-manger where-he-is;)
Ktemaki Gachtuchwepina  (Poor our-(poor)-bodies)
Wdacquin Welilissit Patamaona.  (He-dresses He-who-does-good our-God.)
Hallelujah.  (Hallelujah!)

Christ hallemiwi Woachejek (Christ eternally that-which-is-light)
Peep jun Pemhakamigek,  (He-came here (to) the-world,)
Petasemowik Pegenink,  (Shining-hither where-it-is-dark)
Wentschi juke lauchsijenk Woachejekink.  (So-that now we-live-so in-that-which-is-light.)
Hallelujah.  (Hallelujah!)

Wequisink Eluwantowit (The-son the-God-above-all)
Hakink panep Tschepsowit:  (To-Earth he-came a-stranger:)
Sacquauchsowoaganink Ktinquenk  (From-a-restless-life he-pulled-us-out)
Wsakimawoagan machtemigalukquenk,  (His-Kingdom he-let-us-enter,)
Hallelujah.  (Hallelujah!)

Petschi ktemaki wetchukquenk (Hither poor he-visits-us)
Gettemagelemukquenk,  (He-shows-us-mercy,)
Mauwi langunkdohalguna,  (Goes-and he-(goes-and)-is-friendly-to-us,)
Enschlak elinaxichtit ndeliechguna.  (Angels what-they-look-like he-does-it-to-us.)
Hallelujah.  (Hallelujah!)

Nan wemi ganschiliechquengup (That-one all he-did-it-to-us-wonderfully)
Eli ahowalquengup;  (Because he-loved-us;)
Wuntschi wulelendamotam.  (Therefore let-us-rejoice.)
Wemi Welsittamek!  Mamintschimatam,  (All you-who-believe!  Let-us-praise-him,)
Genamatam!  (Let-us-thank-him!)

To hear the tune, this is the best version I could find:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=ge … ORM=VRDGAR



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Re: Another Moravian Christmas Hymn

big_smile Merry Christmas. Thank you.



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