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Quakers, First Nations and American Indians conference



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Re: Quakers, First Nations and American Indians conference

Just copying

http://www.mceas.org/quakersandamerican … rogram.htm

Conference Program
Thursday, November 10, 2016
Penn Museum, Thursday 10 November, 3:30-4:30

Optional tour of “Native American Voices” exhibit, led by curator Lucy Fowler Williams

Note: there will be a $12 charge admission charge for the museum

Penn, Thursday 10 November 5:00

Keynote: Jean Soderlund

“Reciprocity: The Lenape Origins of Delaware Valley Peace and Freedom”

Jean Soderlund’s keynote address will be followed by a reception.

Friday, November 11, 2016
Bryn Mawr, Friday 11 November 10:00-11:15

Early Encounters

Chair T.B.A.

Evan Haefeli, “Spiritual Affinity: Quakers and Amerindians in the Seventeenth Century”
Margo M. Lambert, “Pastorius and ‘[T]he so-called savages”: Early Quaker Encounters with the Lenape”
Thomas J. Rothschild, “Spiritual and Religious Foundations of the Relationship between Quakers and Native Americans”

Bryn Mawr, Friday, 11 November parallel sessions, 11:30-12:30

New England Neighbors

Chair T.B.A.

Frederick Martin, “Early Quakers and Native Americans in Southeastern New England, 1656-1680”
Marie Balsley Taylor, “Resistance in the Woods: Rethinking the role of Algonquian-English Alliances in the Puritan-Quaker Conflict”


Chair T.B.A.

Stephanie Gamble, “Strong Expressions of Regard: Native Diplomats and Quakers in early Republican Philadelphia”
Scott M. Wert, “’Why, Sachem, do you ask that question so often?’: Native-Pennsylvania Treaties as Religious Discourse”
Lunchtime round-table on digitized archives

Chair: John Anderies

Bryn Mawr, Friday, 11 November parallel sessions, 2:00-3:15

Quakers and American Indians in Violent Times

Chair T.B.A.

David L. Crosby, “Anthony Benezet and the Indian Struggle for Equality”
Ray Batchelor, “’Cast Under Our Care: Quaker Masculinity and Rhetoric about American Indians in the Age of Revolutions”
Katherine Scott Sturdevant, “The Inward Light Snuffed and Reignited: Quaker Heritage and the ‘Indian Problem’ in Early Colorado”

Local Memory

Chair T.B.A.

Tara Strauch, “’Of African and Indian Descent’: Quaker and Mixed Race Communities in Western Ohio, 1815-1843”
Mary Beth Start, “Remembering and Forgetting: Local History and the Kin of Paul Cuffe in an Upper Canadian Quaker Community”
Richard Sears Walling, “The Coaxen Indian Plantation and its Quaker Protectors”

Bryn Mawr,, Friday, 11 November 3:30-4:45

Civilizing Quakers

Chair T.B.A.

Lori Daggar, “’a damned rebellious race’: The U.S. ‘Civilization’ Plan and Native Authority”
Carol Nackenoff, “Quaker Roles in Making and Implementing Federal Indian Policy: From Grant’s Peace Policy through the Dawes Act Era (1869-1934)”
Julian Dario Quinones, “Frank Modoc: An Analysis of Quakers and the Violence of Civilizing Efforts Through the Life of the First Full-Blooded Native American Minister of the Society of Friends”

Saturday, November 12, 2016
Haverford, Saturday 12 November 10:00-11:00

Peace and Memory

Chair: Matthew Dennis

Margaret M. Bruchac, “Remembering the Wampum Lot in Philadelphia”
Scott Manning Stevens, “Skä•noñh and Peace”

Haverford, Saturday 12 November parallel sessions, 11:15-12:30

The Friendly Association and Pennsylvania Politics

Chair: James Krippner

Richard W. Pointer, “Finding Native Allies: Friendly Association Strategies for Peace in War-torn Pennsylvania”
Stephen C. Harper, “Friendly Association?  The Alliance of Delawares and Quakers in the 1750s”
Barbara Heather and Marianne Nielsen, “Quakers, North American Indians, and the Paxton Boys, 1763-1764”

The Quakers and the Seneca

Chair: Karim Tiro

Laurence M. Hauptman, “Philip Evan Thomas, Hicksite Friend of the Senecas, 1838-1861”
Ellen M. Ross, “’The Great Spirit Hears All We Now Say’: Philadelphia Quakers and the Seneca, 1798-1850”

Lunchtime Meeting of the Friends Historical Association

Exhibit at the Quakers and Special Collections of Magill Library

Haverford, Saturday, 12 November 2:15-3:30

Quaker Indian Schools

Chair: Joshua Moses

Thomas J. Lappas, “’Tunesassa Echoes and the Temperance Struggle: A Family Tradition at Tenasassa Quaker Indian School, Allegany Reservation Across Generations”
Paula Palmer, “The Quaker Indian Schools, 1797-2005: What Were They Thinking?”
Elizabeth Thompson, “Quakers and American Indian Assimilation: Teaching American Indian School Children their Positions”

The above session is sponsored by the Friends Historical Association

Haverford, Saturday, 12 November 3:45-5:00

Collective Quaker Action

Chair: Walter Sullivan

Geoffrey Little, “The Evils Which Press on the Aborigines in Every Place: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Aborigines’ Protection Society, 1835-1857”
Nancy Webster, et al. , “Keeping our Woven Word”
Ruth Flower, "Quakers, Indians and Congress:  40 Years of Engagement, 1976 to 2016."

Haverford, Saturday, 12 November 5:30

Keynote: John Echohawk

“A Shared Vision for Healing”

Planning Committee
John Anderies, University of Pennsylvania

Margaret Bruchac, University of Pennsylvania

Chris Densmore, Swarthmore College

Kaye Edwards, Haverford College

Ruth Flower, Friends Committee on National Legislation

Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, Bryn Mawr College

Geoffrey Plank, University of East Anglia

Brett Shelton, Native American Rights Fund



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